Lalo & Raquel

We Are Lalo and Raquel Lima, We will like to introduce ourself a little bit with you and share our life together.

we met 4 years ago, in YWAM Mexico City Center during my DTS but until 2014 we start to work together in the media apartment creating content for the schools and ministries of the base, we will go out to take pictures and record video, and we star to discovering the passions and dream that we had individually and for some reason that we even do not understand they had very much in common, until God start showing us little by little that we were suppose to get marry and for the two of us was at first slightly strange because we had shared and worked so much together before that it was unreal to us to think that God was saying that we should marry, every day this became more real about what God was speaking, up to the point in which even our heart was feeling it very strong, and so after 8 months of praying and waiting for the correct time. In which we learned and grew very much with and about each other we felt like God was saying is the time to get engage, so we did, and with that our new biggest dreams was to get married and live the promises that God had been speaking in our hearts lately, that was first: to love our God and learn from him how to grow together, second; experience the beauty of our city, and not only to keep it for us but also to share it all around us that we love Mexico city and to work to show everyone that Mexico is love by God, but also the Nations we infinitely love and believe in how powerful it is the family around the world and we will love that you were part of it, we move to where God tells us that we move, and we do not want to stay one minute out of his will.

We have 3 months of marriage and now in this new season God is calling us to adventures bigger than than we ever imagine and which is impossible to make them alone, yes we believe that God is all mighty, But indeed we need a bigger family and team that encourage us to not quit because we are not alone, and to be with us in our achievements and fails as well

For this year we have been the leaders of the base along with a team of YWAM CMC which is to serve and be full time committed on this base we love it here and everyone here as well and we believe in the hope that God has for this place and every one of the people that this here including for us, as YWAM staff we live by faith now that God provides all thinks but with this we have to raise our own funds for our day living needs and also we are starting to work with the Alpha organization, not officially but we are supporting their media team in Latin America, we see how much God has blessing us that it gave us the opportunity to go to London and attend the leadership Conference at the Royal Albert Hall which was amazing for us because we never though that God would take us to London, which was a blessing to be able to travel together for the first time and visit very good friends that we love.

Last year was a pretty tough year that taught us a lot about ourselves and about learning how to always depend on God, we are ready to fight and see victories this year. We believe that God has a very special time prepared for us to speak as marriage, give us vision, strength and above all continue to nourish our identity.

Through this letter we would like to ask all of you to be praying for us in this new season ahead of us, but God is also working a lot in us that if we really want to fully depend on Him, sometimes God calls us to be vulnerable with others, tell them about our dreams and ask for help

We would love for you to be part of this dream, if you feel that God is calling you to this and you would like to cover us in prayer and support us economically, please write to us personally, if you have more questions or want to receive more news from us, please contact us, we will love to share more with you.

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