Hi is an honor to share with you what God is been doing in my life since 2 years ago, I had the opportunity and the privilege of serving God full time through the missions I am working with the Organization YWAM Centro Mexico City, and its been wonderful the to see the blessings and the opportunities that God has giving me, one of them is serve the persecuted Church in Chiapas (Mexico), Fight Against Human Trafficking in Mexico City loving God's daughters as they really deserve it, each Wednesday my team and i brought them small gifts to start a conversation so it's not weird for them, As for them it's a weird that someone wants to chat of its life without another interest, i have learned so many things like living with more than 5 people in a room and not go crazy and not only to teach but to learn from the students of the school (DTS) Who come to learn of who God is as their father and grow in their personal relationship with him.

Also i been able to use my passion for photography serving in the area of media, Showing the beauty and how big it is God in Mexico City ( other things that I love to do is to receive people from all parts of the world and show them this city guide them through the streets and share the same culture in Jesus, i had made so many friends through this and it is incredible to see how young people from other countries who are not satisfied with this world, Every time both they and I are encouraged to keep fighting and not to get tired of living in the truth that God is.

In all this time that I dedicated my life to serve God I have seen people come and go from different places arround the world and when they go they live a a great desire in my heart to go with them, To go and contemplate the beauty of God in a place different from mine, and that him may my eyes see a new heaven and new earth, You can not imagine how badly i desired this for years, And waited the necessary time so that when that time comes arrives perfect and better than i had ever dreamed.

A great reason to write this letter is the longing to share with you the excitement and joy that God is allowing me to start a new adventure, an adventure that maybe some of you know already, but that I am sure will change the rest of my life. On March 11 of this year I'm going to be marrying my best friend! In a beautiful forest promising each other and God that every single breath till the last of them will be to protect him and love God with our whole heart.

The name of this incredible man is Eduardo or as I like to call him ... LALO and I have had the fortune to meet him day by day here in our city, our story, perhaps unconventional, has become a beautiful testimony of redemption and the fidelity of God, and with his story reminds me every day that it is not impossible to dream, because we have a God that does the impossible possible.

Lalo and I plan to continue in full time ministry because we know that God has something incredible prepared for this city, we will continue trusting everyday for God's provision, always getting amazed to see how in one and a thousand different ways God always answers.

Last year was a pretty tough year that taught us a lot about ourselves and about learning how to always depend on God, we are ready to fight and see victories this year. We believe that God has a very special time prepared for us to speak as marriage, give us vision, strength and above all continue to nourish our identity. Because we are full-time missionaries we may not have a big budget (in fact it's incredibly tiny) for our wedding, but honestly it does not afflict us at all, because friends and family will travel from different continents just to be with us on that special day but above all we know that God will be there.

God challenged us to dream that Lalo and I could go very very far in the middle of nowhere to listen to what God has for us as a family for the next few years, to have a quiet time and to make symbolic the promise that God is giving us, that our lifes will always be an adventure.

Thinking on where is far enough and peaceful enough to shortly step away from this beautiful chaos called Mexico City, to be able to hear God's voice clearly and rest, we knew that there was no better place than ICELAND and this is the plan:

1. Get married.

2. Travel to Iceland.

3. Rent a mini camper with enough space for 2 people and make it our home for 2 weeks.

4. See the God's creation and get inspired by it in the calmness and peace he has for us.

5. Return to Mexico and fight for this city as one.

Through this letter we would like to ask all of you to be praying for us in this new season ahead of us, but God also is also working a lot in us (especially in Lalo) that if we really want to fully depend on Him, sometimes God calls us to be vulnerable with others, tell them about our dreams and ask for help, at this point we are in need of 4,500 thousand dollars to:

- Cover some wedding expenses.

- Also a week before we get married, we want to go to Mazatlan to work on one of the biggest carnivals around the world using a virtual reality experience to fight against human trafficking.

- To cover the expenses of the honeymoon.

We would love for you to be part of this dream, if you feel that God is calling you to this and would like to cover us in prayer and support us economically, please write to us personally, if you have more questions or want to receive more news from us, please contact us, we love you! :)

E-mail. // Phone Number (In Mexico 55-17-29-35-59 Out +52 1 55-17-29-35-59) // //Bank account...6423955487 Bank-HSBC Raquel Sandria González.

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