The Rise To Fame Jamarcus Legg

Believing in myself was never a hard thing to do giving the fact all I had was myself. I had to learn quickly that what was inside of me was the very thing that would excel me beyond my wildest dreams.

Jamarcus Legg and background singers

Accepting what comes with the gift can sometimes be challenging, the ups the downs and the delays, but even through the rough times, the gift has always made a way.

Becoming one with me

I have truly been blessed to accomplish some amazing things thus far, I have stood on stages I would have never thought I would have stood on and it's all because of the gift. Often times I would ask myself what I would do if I didn't have it, but not once could I think of an answer.

This is where is started

The begining at the tender age of 3 my mother pointed out a very interesting trait that was very familiar to her, and that trait was singing. I would walk around the house and lay on the floor and place my ear to the radio and giggle as every word vibrated into my brain. I would try my very best to mimic what I heard but seriously I was 3 so most of the time it was unifinished words and tons of off key groans. One morning my head start teacher came up to my mother and said , "Ma'am" (did you know that your baby could sing) my mother nodded and smile yes, I've noticed. The teacher proceeded to say how about we let him sing at the next head start meeting, and folks from there I landed in my purpose and started my road to Destiny.

On the road to my Destiny

On that road to Destiny I had the pleasure to encounter so many people who has played a vital role in my life. I learned that the good and the bad was working in my favor. I began to dream and dream and dream and the more I dreamed the more doors began to open. I was finally ready to take my gift to the world.

My Mentor

On my way to the world I stumble across a gentle spirit who completely changed my life forever!. Amanda Farnsworth, the encouragement I received from this woman is beyond words. The opportunities that was granted was unbelievable. My first ever theater performance was granted by this incredible director, 4 shows later I was on my way to NYC! Broadway!.

The Lion King
Musical Theater
Live Radio Interview With Americas Got Talent

The rise to fame came along many years ago, I thought of it because I felt myself being on the rise to what we call stardom. I reached a place in my life where I desired more and more and more, and the more I desired the harder I worked, the more I wanted to inspire the more inspiration came the deeper I became enlightened with myself and my gift, it was then I was seated before Great Men such as King OBI from Africa

King and his mother from Africa

Social Media has played an amazing part in my growing success, from hundreds of interviews to TV shows to local and national news. It has just been a blessing. I am so blessed to have people who support and love my gift.

This is just the begining. I can hear purpose calling out to me and I can see Destiny's light as it leads and guide me this road I must say will be an incredible one.

The Rise To Fame

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