Tupac Shakur Multi-platinum Rapper

When most people see pictures of Tupac Shakur they automatically see him as a gangster and criminal. But there was more to his life than that. Tupac was a multi-platinum rapper and an activist that changes the way people look at the world. His music was a huge part of his life since he could speak. Unfortunately he was mistreated because he was African American.

Tupac at age 13

Childhood story

Tupac was born June 16, 1971 in Harlem, NY and was raised by his aunt since his dad left him and his mom, Afenti Shakur was constantly in and out of jail. His mother was in jail because she was involved with the Black Panthers an African American Liberation Organization that were committed to gaining freedom for African Americans even if force was necessary. After his mother got out of jail and quit her drug addiction, she was dedicated to give Tupac the best education and to be a role model for him. She started introducing him to music and poetry and he immediately fell in love with it. At school he proudly showed off his beautiful poems. At age 17 he dropped out of high school to follow his dream of being a rapper.

Tupacs inguries


Tupac faced many challenges . In 1991 he released his first song and later had the chance to become a rapper for the group Digital Underground and he started making music. On October 17, 1991 he was stopped by 2 policemen for jay walking, they asked for identification and he complied. The policemen didn't think that Tupac was his real name he argued angrily saying it was. The 2 policemen threw him to the ground and started kicking him and slamming his face on the concrete. He later sued the City of Oakland for 42,000 dollars. He was told the policemen were known for using unnecessary force on civilians.

One of Tupac's albums

Rising star

Tupac released his very first album, 2pacalypse in 1992 and it sold over 1 million copies, his music was considered gangster rap a genre of music that focused on the street life like drugs, poverty, and violence. Later he starred in many movies like Juice, Above the Rim, Poetic Justice, Bullet, and many more.

Tupac rapping at Eagle Rock in Los Angeles

Contributions to Rap

Tupac had many contributions to rap music, but not all were good. On April 1992 a young car thief shot and killed a Texas state trooper. When the thief was confronted by police he said that he shot the trooper because of Tupac's song ''Souljas Story'' which was about shooting a gun at the police. He was also shot at countless times because of rival gangs. His good influence on the world was also within his music. He made songs like ''Keep ya Head up'' which says that women are important and men should treat them with respect. He made many other songs like ''Dear Mamma'' were he rapped about how much he loved his mom. He made a few other songs about these topics.

Afenti Shakur and Tupac

End of Tupacs days

I think that Tupac was admirable because he did what he loved to do and did it well. He made music that changes the way people look at the world. On September 19, 1996 Tupac was in a limo when a car pulled up next to him and 5 shots were fired at him. He was sent to the hospital and after many hours of trying to remove the bullets, he died. We'll never know the great things he could have done if he had lived.'' When did I ever say I was a gangster rapper? was Frank Sinatra a gangster singer? Is Steven Seagal a gangster actor. That's such a limited term. I'm an artist. And I rap about the oppressed taking back their place. I rap about fighting back. To me, my lyrics and my versus are about struggling and overcoming.''- Tupac

Tupac's song ''Changes'' which is about the challenges of living in the ghetto.

Bio Peom


Determined, Strong, Outgoing, Unafraid

Who loved music, poetry, and a good education

Who hated discrimination, racism, and loved rapping about the thug life

Who fought against racism, afraid it would continue, and rapped about skin color can change everything when people see you

Who rapped about respect for blacks, and equality and justice

Who wanted racism to end.

Born in NY and living in Baltimore




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