MAPS Newsletter 15th may 2020

“We are currently working with our Trust in going through the detail of the guidance from the Department for Education, which includes measures such as class sizes being smaller than usual.

“Our preparations are focusing on how to manage social distancing where possible, including looking at travel, drop-off arrangements and school lunchtimes, as well as putting in place a more intensive cleaning regime. Everything we do will be guided by the safety of our pupils and our staff and in line with government guidance.

“On return to school the key focus for us will be re-establishing learning routines for Reception and Year 1 children, with an emphasis on core literacy and numeracy skills.

“For other year groups who are not due to return on 1 June, we will continue to provide distance learning until they also come back to school. The Government has indicated that they hope this will be possible before the summer holidays and we will continue to follow all official guidance from them.

“Throughout the lock-down, our staff have been incredible - working extremely hard, going above and beyond to ensure our children can continue to learn. I am so very proud of how they have stepped up in these extremely difficult times.”

Keeping safe online:

As a school we recognise how important keeping in touch with friends is during these difficult times. We support forms of social interaction as long as this is done safely.

We are very lucky to be able to use Google Classroom which allows for children to write comments to each other whilst on a safe, monitored platform. However, if you are choosing to allow the use of other social media apps such as: Houseparty, Whats App or TikTok, they do come with age restrictions. So please remember that any use of social media apps will need careful monitoring, supervision and appropriate filters to ensure children are kept safe at all times. A great way of doing this is to ensure that any profile does not give away identity and is set to private (Check your privacy settings regularly!).

If you are unsure about anything you can speak with your child's class teacher or use the following website which has resources for the children but also a section for parents/carers: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/.

Thank you everyone!

Miss Brown

(Online Safety Lead)

Reading for pleasure

The school library may not be open at the moment, but there are still lots of opportunities to read books, listen to stories and find out about different authors. Here are just a few examples of how you can access books and stories online:

Browse the free e-book library and choose your own, tablet-friendly book to read today:


Have a masterclass from your favourite authors and listen to extracts from their books:


Listen to storytime extracts read by authors for ages 3-7:


Listen to storytime extracts read by authors for ages 8-11:


Most of all, have fun!

Last Week - Miss Wade and her sister made this lovely bunting for VE Day!

Harrison in Penguins took part in a challenge last month to run 50 miles over the course of April. He signed up on a website called https://www.raceatyourpace.co.uk/ where you can select how many miles you do over the month. A great way to stay fit and healthy.

Here he is with his certificate and medal looking very proud of himself and rightly so! Well done Harrison.