Wildness Photos by Gary O'Boyle

In every walk with nature

one receives far more than he seeks.

~ John Muir

The surface of the Earth is approximately 197 million square miles. Oceans make up 139.43 million square miles, leaving 57.51 million square miles of incredible beauty not covered by water.

Mt. Denali - Alaska
Highway Pass - Alaska

The average distance from the Earth to the Sun is 92.96 million miles. The Earth completes a full orbit of the Sun in 365.256 days. The Earth revolves on its axis at 4 minutes less than 24 hours giving us 365 spectacular sunrises and sunsets a year.

Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge - Michigan
Lake Hood Seaplane Base - Alaska
Torch River - Michigan
Wrangell St. Elias National Park - Alaska
Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge - Michigan

With over 7.442 billion people living on Earth the wild areas are disappearing too quickly. Resources are being consumed at a rapid pace and many of the last strongholds for the plants and animals we share this planet with are being exploited.

Denali National Park - Alaska
Icefield Parkway - Alberta Canada

I have always enjoyed the outdoors. Exploring and wandering wild areas in search of sights and sounds often missed by others. Through my photography I am able to share my discoveries and maybe spark an interest in saving these disappearing places.

Clio Park - Michigan
Torch River - Michigan
Torch River - Michigan

Chasing these sights and sounds often takes me on incredible adventures to places less traveled and often ignored. From shorelines of lakes, rivers and oceans to the prairies and forests and on up into the mountains.

I have always been interested in birding and with about 10,000 known bird species worldwide I will always be on the lookout for a new find.

American Bald Eagle
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Eastern Phoebe
Golden Eagle
Yellow Warbler

Worldwide there are roughly 5,416 different species of mammals...

Eastern Chipmunk
Dall Sheep
North American Brown Bear or Grizzly
Virginia Opossum

...7000 amphibian and 9500 reptile species.

American Alligator
American Bullfrog
Garter Snake
Common Snapping Turtle

Insects are probably the largest biomass of the Earth's animals with an estimated 30 million different species.

American Hover Fly
American Rubyspot
Aphrodite Fritillary
Basilica Orbweaver
American Giant Millipede

Filling in the cracks and crevasses of all these areas are 391,000 species of plants with more being discovered every year.

Lily Pad
Black-Eyed Susan
Orange Hawkweed
Wild Columbine

Along the way there are a multitude of things that catch my eye drawing me into their space and time.

Inside of barn at Yuba Creek Natural Area - Michigan
Elk Rapids Michigan
The bridge in Teslin Yukon Canada
Fishing pond in Elk Rapids Michigan
Rapid River in the Seven Bridges Natural Area - Michigan
Stairs at Rugg Pond Natural Area - Michigan
Rugg Pond - Michigan
Barn at Yuba Creek Natural Area - Michigan
Under the Torch River Bridge - Michigan
Autumn at the Flushing Township Natural Area - Michigan
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Gary OBoyle


Gary O'Boyle

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