Making Thinking Visible Increasing Engagement

We can all grow in lesson design and how we engage our students. Today you can work by yourself, with a buddy or small group. Take a look at some resources that we have curated for you. Using one of our resources or a learning session you attend that the district is offering: read, watch, listen and think about how you might tweak a lesson you have planned for next week. (You choose the resources that look interesting. Please add any additional resources that you think others might find helpful to our Padlet.)

A goal for your learning today is to pick one lesson that you have planned for next week and add in a new strategy that enables student thinking to be visible or audible.

A task for you to complete today is to grab a buddy and complete the HUB Check-Up! (The HUB Check is at the bottom of the page.)

Visible Thinking Routines can be woven throughout instruction. They can be used during direct instruction, guided instruction, or independent learning Visible Learning Routines provide a wide range of easy-to-implement strategies. The Project Zero toolbox highlights Thinking Routines developed across a number of research projects at Harvard. A thinking routine is a set of questions or a brief sequence of steps used to scaffold and support student thinking and allow it to become visible.

Watch the clip below to learn more about matching a strategy to the learning outcome you are seeking.

Jennifer Gonzalez from Cult of Pedagogy has a great podcast and blog post on using this strategy. Read or listen to it below.
Tip - Go to the gear and increase the playback speed to get all the updates a bit faster!

Grab a buddy and have them log in as a student to one of your classes. Have them complete the checklist above.