The Analog Story SWWB Vinyl Release

Small Word Word built a studio in Scarborough, Ontario in order to create a completely analog, vinyl release using multi-track tape and tracking on a vintage board and outboard gear to mastering on 1/2 track tape then creating a lacquer master and pressing the highest possible quality 180 gram album. This is the story of our journey.

Everything started with Damian finding a studio space and going to work on the acoustic treatments and setting up a place we could write together. It quickly moved to having a 16 tack digital recording system setup so we could capture everything we wrote as it was written. The progress continued adding another 16 additional tracks of digital from Johnny's studio. Stevie purchased a vintage recording console and Johnny helped adding his 16 track analog tape machine. After a couple of months Damian added 24 more channels of even higher quality 96Khz digital tracks. At this point we linked the tape machine to the digital tracks and we were ready to record anything we could dream up.

Our little piece of recording paradise
Unfortunately, sometimes too much of a great thing can lead to...well, too much. This is when Mikey says "Why don't we just use the tape machine and make an analog album?" and we all said "Why not? Lets do it". This was the start of some frustration as things did not sound quite right. The tape machine needed some work and we needed an easier way to plug mics into the system. Damian found and wired a 24 channel wall mounted microphone patch bay and 3 - 48 channel patchbays for the recorders and outboard gear. Johnny orders some much needed parts to update the tape machine and once all that was done Damian and Johnny setup and calibrated the tape machine so it is ready for the recordings. Wow, were we surprised by the outstanding quality of the sound. Analog is Amazing!
Things are getting better and better!
All the recording is being completed at the Crockford studio and then we are moving the tape machine and making our home for mixing at Sweet Daddy Sound in Ajax. But the story continues...keep coming back for more as we continue with our adventure in Analog World!

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