how to maintain a healthy diet by: Jaden Cove

What is a healthy diet?

  • A healthy diet will help maintain or better your health
  • Eat a variety of foods that will give you your nutrients, make you feel good, and provide you with energy
  • A balanced diet can be eating based off of he My Plate guidelines - eating foods from all food groups
  • Knowing your recommended calorie amount - if you know it try not to eat over that amount, eating that amount or lower is okay.
  • Dont do unhealthy diets
  • Balance what you eat with exercise as well - dont eat badly to exercise it all off later
  • Pay attention to what you eat
  • Look for variety
  • Aim for balance
  • Practice Moderation

Why is a healthy diet important?

  • A healthy diet leads you to have a healthy life style
  • Eating a healthy diet helps you in a lot of different ways
  • Helps keep your weight maintained
  • Gives you your energy
  • Prevents disease
  • Helps your overall mind and body preformance
  • Your body runs better when you take care of it

Consequences of a healthy diet

  • Eating healthy benefits people physically and mentally
  • Physically - your body functions better, you are more awake, you will have more energy, and it will reduce the risk of diseases
  • As an adult eating healthy can help your body stay in youthful condition
  • As a kid eating healthy is good for your body, but will also probably stick with you when your older
  • There are also many smaller benefits
  • Eating and living healthy can add years onto your life
Healthy is merely the slowest rate at which one can die. ~Unknown

Consequences of not eating healthy

  • Long term health problems and illness' can arise - obesity, nutrient deficiencies, heart diseases, and more
  • Short term poor nutrition can contribute to stress, tiredness, and our work capacity
  • Weight gain
  • Lifespan can shorten
  • Physical problems with your body
  • You will age slower

Why do i care?

Eating a healthy diet could greatly affect my ability to live a healthy and balanced life. I like to be active and go outside a lot, this would possible become less possible if I were to not to eat healthy. I also love to play soccer. Playing soccer you need to be physically fit and active, to do this your will need to have a healthy and balanced diet. There are tons of benefits to eating healthy but also tons of consequences to not eating healthy. If I were to eat unhealthy and get any of those diseases or illness' then I would most likely be done with soccer. My whole lifestyle would be different if I didn't eat healthy. All of my goals for the future definitely need me to be to able to do physical activity. A healthy diet could ruin my chances to do many of the things I want to do. All my life I have been playing soccer, I would like to continue to play soccer in the future whether on a travel team or a recreational team. To play on any of these kinds of teams i would need to be physically fit especially if i play as I get older. To stay physically fit I have too live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This would include eating a healthy and balanced diet and equally exercising. This lifestyle that I would like to live in the future is why I care about having a healthy diet.



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