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This past weekend I took of the tour of a our beautiful art museum on campus, and it was a wonderful experience. This was my first time ever observing a museum like this in person and it wasn't at all what I expected. I have taken art/humanities classes in the past and have had much experience viewing the visual arts, but have had no experience viewing it first hand. After doing this, I can honestly say seeing pictures or videos doesn't nearly do the art justice. Seeing it in person is a whole different experience because the art truly invokes a different feelings and emotions when viewing it directly in person. Being able get up close to the work and see it at multiple angles really gives you a different perspective on the piece rather than just viewing it in a textbook or online. I certainly favored some works over others but in the end I was able to at least understand all the work for what it stood for or what it was meant to represent.

(Sorry its sideways it wont let me rotate it, all of the pictures I took with my phone are like this, apologies for the inconvenience).

MEDIUM: I choose this piece specifically because I believe if I hadn't seen it in person I wouldn't have understood its meaning and enjoyed its true beauty. At first I thought it just looked like a white piece of bread but after viewing it extensively and reading its description and about the author it all became clearer. The image is of a bed, an empty bed. There is a crease on the bed, but only one side. To me, I think this represented loneliness because somebody must have gone to sleep and got out of bed all by themselves with no other company. I believe the all white sheets and grey background also represent a dull spirit, the spirit of one who is sad, depressed, or maybe just feeling empty inside. This piece actually made me feel sad, it made me think of the relationships I have developed and what they mean to me. It made me realize the importance of growing close to the people we enjoy and hanging on tight to the people we love. I want to do these things so one day I day far down the road I don't have to get out of bed all by myself, instead maybe I'll have someone help me to make it.

Once again, sideways, sorry for inconvenience.

DESIGN: This part here is at the entrance of the museum and I enjoyed it for the way they designed it to attract viewers. Right when I walked in I was drove right towards this first collection of sculptures and paintings. This specific sculpture, in my opinion, is very strategically placed for it is one of the biggest, shiniest, and best designed which is why it is smart to place it right in the entrance area. You can see the sculpture is almost glowing because of the way they increase the lighting in this area to draw attention. The designers of this section did a great job, after a deep visualization I was able to see all the different ways they attract the viewers to the main area. Walking towards this area made me feel very welcome for the space was very open so lots of people could come through and the area was lit up making it very clear for me where I should start my adventure.

CORE VALUES: One of my main core values is equality, and when I saw this picture it certainly evoked negative emotion out of me. I have a great love towards all different types of people, people of color, people of different genders, etc. When I saw this piece, I made me sad, but more angry that there is a misrepresented group of people in the art profession who aren't able to participate at the same level because of their gender. I did some research after viewing this and it is true, up until very recently, and still in many part of the world, the artwork of women is less appreciated because some believe they don't belong in the profession. Seeing this makes me even more appreciate this core value because to know that there is still justice to be done makes me realize that this is still an idea I need to clench onto so progress can be made. I hope in the future I am able to see more work from women and see prominent women in the visual arts field rise to fame, having their hard-work finally appreciated by the art community.

GOOD LIFE: This piece is similar to the ideas mentioned in the previous slide because its meaning deals with the same issues. In this photo we see two famous artists, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Frida is almost being covered by Diego in this photo as he attempts to wrap around her, and this is similar to their situation in real life. Frida is trying to make the most of herself in the art community but is constantly pushed behind the shadow of her husband, Diego Rivera. I believe she is trying to find the good life but can't accept the fact she must leave Diego and go on her own path towards Enlightenment. It is important to maintain relationships with others but sometimes we must go off on our own, find ourselves, then realize what is important to us and put our own priorities first. I believe if Frida did this she would've lived a much happier life and achieved much more with a lot more satisfaction in her life. In the end, this portrait can be a reminder that sometimes we must let go of the ones close to us if it means us being able to take a step closer in the direction of attaining the good life.


REFRENCES: All photos were taken by me on my phone at the art museum except the cover photo whose reference is here: "Contemporary Art Daily." Contemporary Art Daily RSS. Milwaukee Art Museum, 23 Oct. 2009. Web. 09 Feb. 2017.

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