Dangers of Texting and Driving By Kaiden White

1.6 million of the 2.5 million crashes in the U.S. involves a cell phone.

  • Over 330,000 accidents caused by texting while driving lead to severe injuries.
  • Someone that is texting and driving is actually 6 times more likely to be in a car accident than someone who is illegally drinking and driving. It's safer for someone to be wasted behind the wheel than someone texting behind it.
  • Going 55 MPH you travel the length of a football field in 5 seconds, so looking down at your phone for just that long can put you in danger of whatever is within that 100 yards.
  • The chances of a crash because of any reason is increased by 23 times when you are texting. Even if the crash is another driver’s fault, you will probably have been able to avoid it if you had been looking at the road instead of your phone.

Teenagers are at the biggest risk of texting and driving

  • Each day, 11 teenagers are killed in an accident involving texting and driving
  • Although 94% of teens recognize the dangers of it, 35% of them admit to do it anyway, and that number is more than likely increasingly higher.
  • Teen drivers have a 400% higher chance of being in a car crash when texting while driving than adults.
  • While driving 25% of teens respond to at least one text
  • When teens text while they drive, they veer off lane 10% of their total drive time.
  • A study at the University of Utah found out that the reaction time for a teen using a cell phone is the same as that of a 70 year old who isn’t using one.
Texting and Driving Accidents

Adults set the example

Almost all teens who admit to texting and driving also say the reason for doing it is they have seen an adult do it at least once before. Parents and other adult figures need to set a better example to the young inexperienced drivers. We need to inform people more about the dangers of this so hopefully people will put an end to their bad habits.

Stopping the texts, will stop the wrecks.

Keep your eyes on the road, so you can see the dangers in front of you. Or you can stop being the danger for others.

1 in 4 accidents in the U.S. comes from texting while driving.

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