The Perennial wins first place in the 2019-20 American Scholastic Association Newspaper Contest by Sophia Yao

Photo Referencing 2020 April Fool's Day Edition

The Perennial school newspaper won first place in the 2019-2020 American Scholastic Association Newspaper Contest earlier this year for the second year in a row. It won in the 500-and-under enrollment category, open to schools all over the nation. Each newspaper was judged on its writing, editing, photography, illustration, and design.

“They basically assess each publication in different categories. They judge junior high publications, high school publications, and even college publications submitted across the country in different categories,” Kim Wetzel, The Perennial’s co-advisor, said. “They give you points for certain categories, and then they calculate the point total and they determine whether you get first place, second place, or honorable mention.”

The six sections the judges focus on are content coverage, page design, general plan, art/illustrations, editing, and creativity. For content coverage, The Perennial received 310 points out of the maximum 330 points. For page design, The Perennial received 150 points out of 175 points. For the general plan, the paper received 150 points out of the maximum 200 points. For art/illustrations, The Perennial got full score. For editing, The Perennial received 120 points out of the maximum 125 points. For creativity, The Perennial received 40 points out of the maximum 50 points. In total, The Perennial received 890 points out of the maximum 1,000 points.

The Perennial scored very high in several categories, such as presenting original material, expressing opinions in a mature and understandable manner, and ensuring content is of general interest.

“I’m certainly proud of all the students who were on last year’s staff,” Wetzel said. “We just hope to continue to get better.”

Wetzel mentioned that they will definitely enter again this year, despite these strange circumstances. The Perennial is planning to submit their website rather than a physical newspaper.

“We’re going to take the feedback we received from them and just hopefully continue to improve and win the even bigger Newspaper of the Year award,” Wetzel said. “Just keep pushing higher and higher.”