Fall 2020 ETV & Animation Projects

The episode is split into two sections, (1) ETV Films and (2) Animation Class pieces. Please enjoy the artwork of the EHS filmmakers and animators of the 2020 fall semester! Be sure to scroll all the way down.

"I took on this project to get an opportunity to work with everyone in ETV and take on a larger project then I have before. The biggest challenge I faced while making this was scheduling and finding time to film with every person, especially while trying to limit the number of people in one room because of COVID. I think doing this project gave me the opportunity to get to know everyone a lot better and really taught me a lot about time management. I hope all those that watch it are able to have fun and laugh while watching!" - Kaia Chambers

Crossroads is a visual poem pleading for a change to how America is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Rambo and I for the first 3 months of school were working on a completely different film and we realized that we were not going to finish on time because we lost a lot of passion for the project. So instead, we started from scratch and made this film in a month. We dealt with many difficulties such as Rambo being out of town for all of thanksgiving break. But with hard work and the support of Mr. Milani and the ETV crew, we were able to present a film that we were kinda proud of." -George Traylor
"I created this film because I have always disliked stereotypes. Every person is unique, and to assume something about someone just because of how they present themselves can be harmful. A challenge I faced when creating this animation was to make this message clear- in a film with no dialogue, it can be tricky to do. I made multiple changes to the film throughout my process with the underlying goal of making my message more clear. I believe the final result is clear enough that the audience understands what is going on, but vague enough that allows the viewer room for interpretation- an aspect in films that I personally love." - Nicole Citardi
"When I first set out to make this film I wanted it to be a grandiose project where I could try many things while creating this movie. I wanted to take my love of anime and turn it into a live action film. I soon realized that before I made anything that big, that I would have to take back to the basics all the way back to square one. so in making this film i simplified it into a fight scene where I can work on the basics of filming a fight scene and really work on my editing skills as a whole. In this film you will see a struggle within a family as two brothers fight. one brother fights to bring the other brother back into a family and into a life of crime. The other tries to fight for his own independence." - Raffi Gross
Animation Class

The first project we do in animation as a class is a flipbook. Each student transitions their subject to the next student's subject to make a seamless, continuously morphing animation.

Rotoscoping is the process of tracing live-action video. For this project, students used snapchat filters to record themselves to make an expression and we animated over it.


Created with an image by Efe Kurnaz - "untitled image"