HARU NEMURI is a Japanese singer-songwriter, a poetry rapper, and a composer.HARU NEMURI had debuted as called the “singing ultimate weapon”.

In April of 2018, she released the long-awaited first full album “Haru to Shura”. “Haru to Shura” has been featured in many countries overseas, including American famous music Vlogger "Anthony Fantano", and this album on streams has already gotten 10 million streams. She has performed in some music festivals overseas and some of her solo shows overseas were sold out.


In 2019, she performed in various large music festivals in Malaysia and Taiwan, and in March she held an Asian tour including shows in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, and Japan. In April, "HARU TO SHURA" on vinyl was released from a French label. Just after a few hours when the vinyl had been released, the first press of the record were sold out and had to be immediately re-pressed, where the additional presses were also sold out.

From May to June, she performed at the "Primavera Sound 2019" which is one of the huge music festivals in Europe, as well as 15 shows in 6 countries as her first European tour, including an outdoor music festival in Germany. More than half of the shows on the tour became sold out which her tour became a large success.

In January 2020, they released "Fanfare" and in March, "Riot". Their first original album in two years, "Lovetheism," was completed, and along with three music videos shot in Russia at an extremely cold minus 30 degrees Celsius, the album received many positive responses from overseas listeners.In June, his new album was released on analog from a French label, and he became the first Japanese artist to be selected for the Midem Talent Exporter held in Cannes, which introduces up-and-coming artists from around the world.

In 2021, they will release "bang" in January, "Inori Dake Ga Aru" in March, and "Seventh Heaven" in May. In November 2021, they will hold their first North American tour. In November 2021, she will be performing in all four cities in North America: Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

---------- “Haru Nemuri’s debut album pushes J-pop/rap in an exciting direction by channeling Japan’s rich history of underground rock music.” The Needle Drop

---------- “Her full-length debut, which came out earlier this year, is packed with sonic ideas that each evolve in three minutes or less. Maybe it’s this brevity ? the immediate payoff ? that makes her music so rewarding.” Stereogum (40 best new bands of 2018)

---------- “Haru Nemuri’s new single “Kick In The World” sounds like if you put a bunch of razor blades in a blender and let it rip.” Stereogum (best song of the week)

---------- “Haru Nemuri has begun to feel like a scene essential, like one of the most important voices coming out of [Japan], and possibly even [all of Asia]. Pushing noise pop to ludicrous new highs of immediacy, and pushing the sonic limits of guitar sounds’ brittle-ness to even higher planes.“ Overblown

---------- “Haru Nemuri falls into the J-Pop artist category, but “Haru to Shura” falls far from any stereotypes of the genre. It’s abrasive, rough, and blends a challenging mix of noise rock and poetic rap. Nemuri’s passion vocalizes through jagged and volatile instrumentals. If you’ve ever been itching to explore experimental artists outside of your country/comfort zone, this is it!” College Music Network!

---------- “The other side of j-pop / Made in Japan? Better said it could only happen in Japan.” Primavera Sound

This is the Japanese pop music of new generation, and her spirit is “Rock and Roll.


2021.01.15 RELEASE / bang

2021.03.26 RELEASE / Inori Dake Ga Aru

2021.05.28 RELEASE / Seventh Heaven

2021.07.23 RELEASE / Old Fashioned


HARU NEMURI North America Tour 2021
  • 11/1/21 - New York, Brooklyn (The Knitting Factory) 【SOLD OUT】
  • 11/2/21 - Illinois, Chicago (Sleeping Village)
  • 11/4/21 - California, San Francisco (DNA Lounge)
  • 11/7/21 - California, Los Angeles (The Echo)

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