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On April 22, 1919, readers of The Detroit News learned that the old Westminster Presbyterian Church had been purchased by the Detroit Symphony Society. Then suddenly, the old church was gone. From the space created by its demolition–and even upon some of its foundation to save time – Orchestra Hall rose to new life in only four months and twenty-three days during that extraordinary summer of 1919.

A space for everyone

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra entered a new era on October 11, 2003 with the opening of The Max M. Fisher Music Center. “The Max” is a 135,000-square-foot facility which combines the restored and modernized Orchestra Hall with five additional rental spaces; here, there is a space for everyone. Whether you need to host a conference call for 20 participants, a wedding for 200, or a concert for 2000, The Max can meet your needs.

Orchestra Hall~

Orchestra Hall

(up to 2,000 guests)

Imagine your performance or presentation in the superb acoustics of Orchestra Hall, where the world's greatest musicians from Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman, to Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin have graced the stage.

Renowned for its acoustical qualities, Orchestra Hall combines an elegant ambiance with advanced audio-visual technology. The 2000-seat hall is equipped with an in-house camera system intended to provide video feeds to the Peter D. & Julie F. Cummings Cube, the Robert A. and Maggie Allesee Rehearsal Hall and other display locations for purposes of live and digitally recorded events. It is possible to record performances and presentations for archival purposes and master recordings for off-line editing at other facilities.

Orchestra Hall is capable of providing multimedia presentations, lectures and screenings utilizing video, multimedia computers, slide projection, and large screen projection with rigging and sight lines to accommodate front and rear projection with rental/portable equipment.

The Peter D. & Julie F. Cummings Cube~

the Peter D. & Julie F. Cummings Cube

(450 guests, 320 seated)

This flexible and acoustically excellent space seats up to 450 for performances on risers with stairs with floor-seating options or up to 320 at banquet tables. The Cube can be used alone for a public performance or a private dinner, or combined with the adjacent Atrium and Allesee Hall for strolling receptions serving groups as large as 1,500. It also features a maple wood floor, ideal for dancing.

The Cube offers all of the audio-visual advantages of Orchestra Hall with capabilities to record performances and presentations for archival and master recording for off-line editing at other facilities. Along with this audio-visual support, the Cube can also meet your specific event needs with catering services and flexible seating.

The Cube is an ideal place for multimedia presentations, lectures and screenings utilizing video, multimedia computers, and slide projection. Additionally, the Cube can utilize large screen projection with rigging and sight lines to accommodate front projection with rental or portable equipment.

Robert A. & Maggie Allesee Rehearsal Hall~

Robert A. and Maggie Allesee Rehearsal Hall

(300 guests, 150 seated)

Sized for intimate dinners for up to 150, performances for up to 200, or receptions for up to 300, the Allesee Rehearsal Hall's warm maple floor and golden acoustic paneling makes it a wonderful place for people to gather.

Easily transformable, Allesee Hall is also home to the sets of Detroit Public Theater, who perform several acclaimed productions from the hall yearly.

The hall is fully wired and equipped for portable video equipment. Whether you are showing a video or videotaping an event, this cozy hall can support a rentable/portable audio-visual system.

Herman & Sharon Frankel Donor Lounge~

Herman and Sharon Frankel Donor Lounge

(100 guests, 50 seated)

The sumptuous Frankel Donor Lounge features contemporary architectural elements such as wood floors with marble inlays, wood and designer glass wall paneling, marble tabletops and Italian leather chairs. In addition, the Frankels commissioned three renowned glass artists to create sculptures for the lounge: Ginny Ruffner and Martin Blank, both of Seattle, and Lucio Bubacco of Murano, Italy. All have had works on display at prestigious museums and galleries around the world.

Paradise Lounge~

Paradise Lounge

(150 guests, 75 seated)

Located in historic Orchestra Hall on the second level, the expanded Paradise Lounge features large windows overlooking Woodward Avenue and the corner of Parsons Street. This area celebrates the "Save Orchestra Hall" movement of the 1970s and 1980s, Detroit's most successful historic preservation crusade, and is adjacent to the office of Ossip Gabrilowitsch, the DSO's first Music Director in Orchestra Hall. Perfect for receptions of up to 150, or dinners on non-concert nights for up to 75.

The Lounge's name is a nod to Detroit's former Paradise Valley neighborhood, where many jazz greats frequented the stages of nightclubs in the 1940's.

William Davidson Atrium~

William Davidson Atrium

The soaring four-story Atrium Lobby features glass and mahogany finishes and the floor is stunning Silverwater limestone from Manitoulin Island in northern Ontario. The Atrium offers three floors of reception and strolling space and can seat 350 banquet style. The Woodward Windows, on the second and third levels, have floor to ceiling views of Woodward Avenue. Defined by a shimmering brass curtain which separates the Woodward Windows from the rest of the Atrium, this is an ideal location for receptions.

“The interior is meant to contrast lush with harsh. We looked at a lot of the historic venues in Detroit like the Fisher and Fox theaters,” says architecture firm Diamond Schmitt. “They were built in an era when a lot of bronze and steel were used, and we simply adopted that idea and modernized it for the new spaces.”

William Davidson Atrium, 1st Floor /Lobby

William Davidson Atrium, Upper Floors

Accessible via two elevators and the Grand Staircase, the Atrium upper levels provide room for your guests to stroll and enjoy Art @ The Max, a rotating art exhibition funded by the Applebaum Family Foundation.

For information on renting the facility for an event, a performance, or use of The Max, please call Event Sales Representative Ashley Powers at: 313.576.5065

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