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Want to feel alive at work? Be surrounded by humble, hungry & strong team players? Have lots of work to do? Matter? We like these things too, so we started a Company that's fierce about this.

love your career

It's time to thrive again.

When we think back at times in our careers this image represents being.. Stuck, suffocated, held-back, frustrated.

It happens for a number of reasons

  • People. Lazy ones, uninspired ones, mean ones, really nice ones that can't/won't do their job, ungrateful ones. Egos.
  • Work. It's not challenging, appreciated, or matters deeply to you.
  • Ceilings. You can't bust through because people have been there longer then you, even when they aren't better.
  • Lost. You get lost in the shuffle. You don't even know what you do matters. That's a horrible way to spend the majority of your time.
  • Work becomes a "job". Clock in and watch every hour till its time to leave. That's not living.
  • Bored. This needs no explanation.

Here's what we think work should be like

  • A career dedicated to a mission that moves you
  • Challenging. When you go home you are PROUD of what you accomplished, because you were a badass!
  • Everyone pulls their weight. Even at different levels we all row hard in the same direction.
  • We stand at the front lines together. No one hides behind someone else.
  • GROWTH. Personal growth, professional growth, financial growth, mission growth, team growth.
  • Real relationships with your team and those you serve, making a difference in each others lives.
  • No limits on where you can take your career here.
  • Marathon not a sprint. We don't job hop, we dedicate ourselves to the mission and each other.

why would you want to make a change to join the onaway?

Maybe it has to do with what we believe in?

We are a CPA firm that honors tried and true accounting and tax services but we also believe in true connections. We don’t assume everyone has them so we choose to BE the true connection.

What's a true connection? Genuinely caring about people and helping make their life better. You are a steady force they can rely on, let down their walls with, and walk alongside building them up. Not everyone has someone in their life doing this. Money is a massive trigger of shame, struggle and uncertainty, we don't discount this fact and that makes us a different kind of CPA firm.

Maybe it has to do with what our company mission is?

Most people struggle with money, we help you take control so you can live better.

Maybe it's how we do it?

Want a peek of who we are?

Ok we have smiling happy people & puppies.. let's get into the grit

We have some serious core values that we hold sacred. That's how you keep the magic.

By protecting our values it ensures you'll work with like-minded people.

"We don't want our core values to sit on the wall getting dusty. I designed these to guide our character. These qualities reside in folks who are very special and strong. They change lives for a living. We seek them out and are grateful to join them. That's why we smile a lot." - Shannon Reichelt, Founder of OnaWay
I want to work in public accounting, but I'm not sure if I want a large or small firm

We can't speak for all firms, but we do know the industry and there are some stereotypes that do hold weight. A large firm is a great status boost, skyscrapers, mentor programs, tiers to climb, large clients, relocation possibilities. Like anything there are cons.. you can get lost in the shuffle of a large firm and they'll work you to the bone. You can also be removed from the direct interaction with clients.

Don't knock a small firm. Our sigma is that we're old and antiquated. Some (like us) are super techie, have no glass ceiling, nimble with improvement changes, and our relationships with clients have direct impact and depth. Here you have the opportunity to change lives that directly impact their families in a positive way. You will feel the fruits of your labor seeing its impact.

I heard working for a CPA firm is REALLY hard

Sometimes. If your the type of person that is driven, thrives on variety and growth you'll feel alive with the busyness. CPA firms are really hard for people who want a 9-5 job with no pressure and routine work. If you hate being bored, you'll thrive in a CPA firm.

What does it take to win here?

humble, hungry, sTRONG

This is our definition of the Ideal Team Player. To win here, you must be all 3


You are humble at heart and treat all people with humility. This doesn't mean you lower your self-worth, it means you don't have an air that you are better then others, no matter what your level may be. We speak to everyone with humility.


You are hungry to keep learning and growing. Mediocre and settling are foreign concepts. Hunger doesn't go extreme to the point of stepping on folks to climb up (that lacks humility).


You are an emotionally strong person, a steady force people can rely on. Everyone can lean on you. You don't crumble under pressure but rather stay cool, seek help or dig in harder. You take all criticism as FOR you and never AGAINST you. You make a conscious effort to constantly improve your strength.

open positions at onaway

Senior Bookkeeper

An ideal candidate is someone who feels satisfaction taking a puzzle and turning it into a beautiful flowing system of organization. This person loves to serve others and takes pride helping people conquer their money so they can live better and do more. They are discreet, thoughtful, kind and confidently calm for those they serve. They are hungry to improve themselves and actively pursue opportunities to do so. This is a full-time position however we will entertain part-time for the right person. Full time employees are eligible for company benefits listed below. Salary range is $35,000-$45,000 depending on experience.

This isn’t just a bookkeeping gig, it’s a path chosen to change lives. We see the weight come off business owners when we step in. Shame is wrapped throughout managing money, you help them conquer that. If this matters to you and you have the skills below, you need to apply.

What winning looks like:
  • Prepare weekly and monthly bookkeeping needs for multiple clients in a consistent, organized manner
  • Tackle complex bookkeeping challenges keeping the task organized and confidently moving towards improvement
  • Work with department Manager to onboard new clients, assisting with the design of an accounting system for the client and CANI opportunities
  • Assist with payroll preparation for bookkeeping clients. Process payroll, submit federal and state tax payments and file monthly, quarterly annual payroll tax returns. (Don’t worry we have excellent software!)
  • Impeccable ability to manage internal/external due dates
  • Super serve – go above and beyond whenever possible.
  • Be consistent with your work and attitude, be a source of strength and support to your clients and the OnaTeam
What skills you need to win:
  • Strong attention to detail (really strong)
  • Organized person
  • Likes to follow steps A-Z (skipping steps drives you crazy!)
  • Ok collaborating with people or working solo
  • Thrives on variety, it’s the juice of life!
  • A mix of independence and a need to belong to a tribe
  • Significant Quickbooks desktop and online experience
  • Prior bookkeeping experience in a full time capacity for at least 5 years

company benefits

Our leadership cares deeply for the OnaTeam and offers some serious benefits for full time folks not typically found in a smaller company…

  • Simple IRA match of 3% for those whom contribute
  • Health insurance including health savings account
  • Short-term & Long-term Disability insurance (company paid)
  • Life insurance (company paid)
  • Bonus potential
  • Paid sick, vacation and holiday time
  • Surprise perks
  • Glass ceiling free zone, if you have the will and determination to bust forth, we’ll be your biggest cheerleader
  • Your voice matters, leadership always collaborates with the OnaTeam for CANI (constant never-ending improvement)
  • You won’t get lost in the shuffle

to apply

Email our Office Manager Shana your cover letter and resume. We believe in standing out, boiler plate cover letters will get tossed, so won't resumes sent with no cover letter. Show us your serious by writing what you saw here that hit home. WHY do you want to join the OnaTeam? What matters to you?

Email: shana@theonaway.com

1632 Northampton Street, Holyoke Mass. | 55 Federal Street, Suite 230, Greenfield, Mass. 413.209.8364

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Shannon Reichelt

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