Colic found in horses

colic is the number one medical killer of horses

Answers to your questions.

What is colic?- Colic is describe as abdominal pain. It could be any where from a simple blockage to a spasm in the colon or torsion in the digestive track.

What are the causes of colic?- Some causes of colic are a high grain based diet, a low forage diet, forage is grass and hay, moldy food, abrupt change in food, parasite infection, lack of water, sand ingestion, dental problems, or too much stress.

What are some symptoms of colic?- Some symptoms of colic are pawing, rolling, bloating, excessive sweating, distress, uneasiness,and loss of interest in food and water.

What are some kinds of colic?- There are any kinds of colic. There are stomach, distention, displacement colic, impaction colic, gas colic, spasmodic colic, and Enteritis colic.

What are some ways to prevent colic?- A couple of ways to prevent colic are feed smaller but more frequent meals, increase time in pasture to give them more natural food, slow food intake by adding chopped hay to meals to help reduce your horses risk for colic, and deworm your horses frequently.

What should I do if my horse has colic?- Call the vet immediately. Place your horse in a small yard or a well bedded stable to allow for easy and close observation, remove all food from the area that the horse is located, and if your horse is rolling violently, try gently walking them or keep them standing. Horses who are violently rolling often hurt themselves so trying to prevent self trauma is helpful but don't put yourself in danger.

Please be aware of colic! Don't put our lives in risk!


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