Digital Storytelling Megan Frauenhoffer's Learning Journal

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom was a great overview of ways I could improve my assignments and methods of teaching. I teach online a lot and I'm always looking to improve my communication with the class. This has given me more to think about!

Week 1 Notes

  • I enjoyed the Kurt Vonnegut video of the different story graphs. I've seen it in some form before, but always great on repeat viewing.
  • Visuals are great tools for storytelling.

Week 1 Assignment

Assignment 1: Create a story about love

I picked my kitten to create a digital story. I used Post, Video, and Page to create the story since I just completed the Multimedia workshop and wanted to keep exercising this muscle with Adobe Spark. The story about my kitten was easy to emulate into a story structure.

Week 2 Notes

  • Digital literacy, with many great examples
  • Narrative structure and how to use that Spark Video

Week 2 Assignment

Assignment 2: Storytelling in the Classroom

For this assignment, I transformed one of my assignments for my online Art Appreciation class. I wanted the assignment description to be visually interesting and easy to understand. Some of the challenges involved not going overboard with the explanations.

Final Reflections.

I think digital storytelling is a great asset for students as well as other workplaces. It makes the message more visually engaging and helps the creator really think about audience and their message. The message is challenged by needing to be balanced in brevity and clarity. In the future, I'd like to transform this assignment more to allow students to create presentations similar to this assignment.


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