Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Harun Fejzic

Introduction - The Florida Museum of Natural History gave me a chance to absorb and respect the ecological and historical aspects of my home. With the different exhibits I as able to look back into time and appreciate the historical nature of Florida. Where people had to fight much harder in order to survive. I was also able to look at the different wildlife which inhabit Florida. With this insight I was given a better understanding of my home.

Nature on Display - Out of all the exhibits the Frog exhibit was the most visually appealing. The way it was structured where everything had its own section with its own box made it easy to look around and immerse yourself into the exhibit. It captured my attention with the large pictures of frogs with varying colors on the walls and next to the actual animals themselves. The best thing that I could have learned which I did through the exhibit came down to be able to immerse myself into a world where I am not familiarly attuned to. Where I could see and place myself in this area where for so long I had never had the experience to witness said environment. Something which I would not be able to learn through any other medium, not even television. The experience at the museum was enjoyable simply due to the fact that everything was so visual in the sense that if you wanted to see something specific it would hold the entire exhibit as a representation of the species there. Never once did I feel as if what they were displaying was being misrepresented.

Nature and Ethics - The Florida Natural history Museum gave me an opportunity to appreciate the value of all the different ecological backgrounds in Florida. It allowed me to better respect nature as a whole as I was more attuned with it during my experience at the museum. In the butterfly exhibit I felt a very uneasy feeling simply because I was walking around what looked to me like corpses of butterfly's. Although as I continued through the exhibit I began to realize the cultural and medicinal importance of the insects. It allowed for me to create a better understanding with nature while not having to physically experience it myself. The experience I had in the museum definitely helped me understand and instill a certain ethical responsibility to nature. It helped me realize the importance of it as a means to not only protect my state's identity but also as a means to help me realize the cultural and historical value.

Nature and the Human Spirit - The Florida Museum of Natural History helped me step out of my ordinary day to day life by absorbing and immersing me into different worlds which contrasted the way I lived. Generally speaking I live a very city esq. lifestyle, but the museum allowed for me to approach reality from different lenses. Almost as if I was living in the period of time when Florida has no cities and it was just forest and swamps. It helped me understand who we are and better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world in that it allowed for me to understand the struggles that those in the natural world undertake while also being subject to the beauty that is the natural world. It allowed for me to better appreciate the mysteries that lie in Nature in that it helped me realize how strange and different it really is compared to my everyday life.

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