the mud club is a book about two younger's Milo & Lucy their parents was a really good friends when they were children, until Milo Tried to kiss Lucy, everything change, they was too distanced one each, Lucy was focused on her school, after years Milo & Lucy, started to go out until Lucy, was a wear person & she didn't never see to Milo as he wants to her, she never tried to likes to him, the night when they went out to "Mud club" Milo leaves to Lucy alone for a minutes, he went back to her but she already leaved from there, after that Milo looked for Lucy for long days, Until he did knew, where was Lucy at, she just was ignoring him, because she was whit other guy. Once after Milo searched to Lucy for a long days and time, Eden Lucy's best fried who wants to Milo they recovered the lost time looked for Lucy and Eden showed to him her favorite place, they were good friends at the end.

"we're just friends" Milo's quote

the what i like more about the book, is that how Milo never give up from the child till the adolescent, also part of adult time. I don't like when Lucy never take attention to him although he always was following her, and she never give to him a opportunity, and also she went with the bad-boy.

I recommend this book to everybody because, its a really good book, good history, its like a real life the "friend zone"

i give to the book a 5 stars is a good book.

the Mud club opened in 1978 closed in 1983, located in Manhattan New York.
the Mud club plaque in NY.

Details: Originally published: June 1, 2004, Author: Randy Powell


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