Patriot Press Back-to-school Edition *July 23, 2021

National Blue Ribbon School 2020 - Harris Elementary School

Returning to Harris

*All items subject to change if new guidance is received.

Whether you are new to Harris or returning to us, welcome back to school! In less than a week, our classrooms and hearts will again be full with the sounds of laughter and learning. As you beign final preparations for your child's return on Thursday, July 29th, there are a few things we wanted you to know. Below is also the link to the Greenfield-Central Return to School Plan. This newsletter explains items specific to Harris's plan to have another safe, exciting year of student learning.

Construction at Harris: Harris is currently under construction in our cafe. We are growing the size of our cafeteria. This work only affects the seating area. Normal menu items will continue to be available for students. We are excited about what this new space will bring to the student dining experience at Harris when completed later this year. Unfortunately, the construction means there are some temporary changes that will impact us. For Harris, PE, while the weather is warm, may utilize outside spaces. Appropriate indoor alternatives remain available.

In addition, we are not able to access GIS internally. This does mean that there are some changes that impact dismissal and arrival. Please head to the transportation section for more info on this. The parking lot for the Harris main office is open for school business only. Buses will be using this lot for Harris students in the AM and PM, so please do not park in this lot to pick up and drop off walking students. We have a car rider line for drop off and pick up off of Elm street.

Classroom Teacher Assignments: These are now posted in PowerSchool if you are registered, with the exception of the new first grade teacher's name.

Staffing Update: We have hired a new first grade teacher. We are pleased to Welcome Mrs. Emily Faegley to Harris. She is excited to meet her students at Meet-Your-Teacher Night next week.

Technology: All students will be issued an IPAD in the first few days of school. This device will be sent home on a nightly basis. Please let your child's teacher know if you will need a charger. IPADS should be charged each night and and returned to school each day ready for student learning. Please do not change passwords to the device or student applications.

IPAD Usage Agreements and insurance information will be sent home soon.

Supplies:  Students may bring in their supplies during Meet-Your-Teacher Night or on the first day of school. Please see the link below for our supply list.

Meet-Your-Teacher Night: We are pleased to again offer onsite Meet-Your-Teacher Nights at Harris.

We kindly ask that to help with crowd size, please bring only your child attending Harris and no more than two parents/guardians. If you or your child is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms [fever or chills (temperature greater than 99.9), sore throat, dough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing (especially new onset, uncontrolled cough), diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, or abdominal pain, headache (particularly new onset of severe headache, especially with fever), new loss of taste or smell or is a close contact of a positive COVID-19 person], please do not attend. We would be happy to meet with you another time or in another safe way, such as virtually. As noted in the return to school items released on the district website, masks are “recommended not required” for students, staff, and guests visiting Harris.

  • Kindergarten & First Grade: Tuesday, July 27, from 4-5
  • Second and Third Grade: Wednesday, July 28 from 4-5.

Due to construction at Harris, please park in the lots off of Elm Street on the north side of Harris and enter at door 15 by the gym. The front will not be open. We look forward to seeing you at our open houses.

Arrival on the First Day of School: Parents and guests to Harris should remain in their vehicles when arriving by car. The car line for students is located off of Elm Street on the north side of our complex. A staff member will assist you in dismissing your child from the car.

If your child is walking to school, they should enter at Door 1. A crossing guard will assist them in crossing Park Avenue.

Due to ongoing construction, Harris bus riders will be dropped off at Harris near Door 1. This means that no students in a car should be dropped off in the parking lots off of Park Street and near Harris door 1. Thanks for your cooperation and helping keep our students safe.

Dismissal on the First Day of School: To ensure an accurate dismissal, we need you to share with us how your student will go home the first day of school. If you need to make a change for any day following July 29th, please call our main office at 317-467-6731, and we will get a note to your child's teacher. In a few weeks, we will transition to School Dismissal Manager. More information on that will be sent home and emailed to you at a later time.

Volunteers: This will continue to be limited for the time being. If you would like to volunteer in your child's classroom, please understand that this will be very limited and will be for non non-student related tasks primarily outside of the classroom for now. Read Up will continue with the additional safeguards in place.

Recess: Just like last year, students will enjoy recess outdoors with their peers. If weather does not allow us to go outdoors, recess will occur in your child's classroom.

Student Daily Self Screening: If your child is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms [fever or chills (temperature greater than 99.9), sore throat, dough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing (especially new onset, uncontrolled cough), diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, or abdominal pain, headache (particularly new onset of severe headache, especially with fever), new loss of taste or smell or is a close contact of a positive COVID-19 person], please do not send your child to school. If your child is experiencing these symptoms, please contact the Harris clinic and speak to our nurse.

Visitors to the Cafe: Due to limited seating and contact tracing requirements, visitors will not be permitted to eat in the student lunch room.

Visitors and Volunteers at Harris: All guests at Harris should self screen. If you are ill or have symptoms of COVID-19, you should not visit Harris and should reschedule your appointment.

Medication: If your child needs to take medication during the school day, please follow this procedure:

  • Medications may be brought into the school clinic from 8am-3pm on Tuesday, July 27th and Wednesday, July 28th, by a parent/guardian who is listed in PowerSchool as a contact for the student.
  • Medication must be accompanied by the appropriate form, and the form must be complete and accurate for the medication to be accepted. Medication forms can be found in the link below.
  • Health assistants will not be present in school clinics until July 27th. Questions should be directed to the corporation nurse at dhanson@gcsc.k12.in.us.

Text Book Fees:  You were prompted during registration to identify how you would handle textbook rental fees. If you are sending a check to school, please place it in an envelope with your child's name and teacher marked.

Masks: As a reminder, mask are "recommended, not required" for students to attend school at this time.

Hand Washing: Students will be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer often throughout the day. Please reinforce with your child the importance of washing and sanitizing their hands well.

Drinking Fountains/Water Bottles: As noted in the district plan, drinking fountains will be closed. Students are allowed to bring their own, labeled water bottle with them. Please ensure that water bottles have a sealing lid. Only water is permitted. We will have water refilling stations available.

PTO: We have a wonderful Parent Teacher Organization. There will be more info from them on how and when they will meet. Each year they sponsor a fundraiser to support the students and staff at Harris. Your support will be helpful in continuing to have the great resources we enjoy for Harris students. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.


Greenfield-Central is pleased to announce that all students in grades k-12 will have access to a bus and bus stop. Required walk zones have been eliminated for the 21/22 school year. Please see below to register for RIDE 360 so that you have access to your child's bus information. Registration must be complete to access this information.


School Starts @ 7:50 AM

Upon entering Harris, students should report directly to their classroom, unless they are eating breakfast. Students eating breakfast at Harris can visit a breakfast station located around the building and select a grab and go item to eat in their classroom.

Harris AM Drop Off: Harris officially opens the doors to students beginning at 7:30 AM, using the car line off Elm Street on the north side of the building. Students left before that time are not supervised and left in an unsafe situation. Please ensure the safety of your child by supervising them until they are dismissed from your car by school staff. Please remain in your vehicle during drop off.


School Dismisses at 2:10

Staggered Dismissal: We will stagger our dismissal prior to 2:10 to safely dismiss the various groups including bus riders, car riders, walker, and daycare students. Student dismissal groups will be announced over our intercom system and the adults in our building will monitor a safe, staggered dismissal.

Special Transportation: Each student has a singular pick up and drop off location from their home in the Harris district. If you need picked up or dropped off from another location inside the Harris district, you must complete and Special Transportation Request form and have it approved. We do not pick up or drop off students outside of the Harris district. If your child attends daycare, the daycare is responsible for providing the transportation.

Leaving by Car: Students who are being picked up by a car should use the car line off of Elm Street on the north side of the school. When picking up a students, please remain in your car. Staff will assist in safely loading students, and you will need to follow their directions. Please leave your car tag visible until after your child has entered the car. If you do not have a car tag, you may be asked to pull around so we can verify that an appropriate person is picking up your student.

  • Shared GIS/Harris Students: Harris students may not walk to GIS to meet a sibling. If you are picking up a GIS student with a Harris student, it is recommended that you do not arrive early. It takes GIS students a while to walk over. You must let GIS know that you are picking up a student at Harris so that they can be dismissed appropriately in their staggered dismissal. If your GIS child was unable to make it to Harris on time, you will be asked to pull around to the end of the line to ensure that the Harris car line remains efficient and safe. Due different dismissal routines and complications related to construction, you are encouraged to use two separate car lines this year if you have students at both GIS and Harris. GIS students will likely arrive later than the start of the Harris dismissal, so you may find it easier to use pick up your Harris student first. As a reminder, younger elementary children take longer to safely load than intermediate students. Thanks for being patient as we adjust to construction related delays.

*Car tags will be available during Meet-Your-Teacher Night. You should write the names of the children and classroom teacher on the car tag for whom you are picking up. If you don't have a tag, you may be asked to pull around to verify the person picking up the child.

Leaving by Foot: For students who will walk home and leave on foot, they will exit out Door 1 by the office after 2:10 and after buses have moved on to GIS. For the safety of our walkers, cars are not to park in this area during dismissal. Parents on foot will meet their students outside of Harris near Door 1. Parents waiting to pick up their children should wait outside Door 1 after buses have left Harris and moved to GIS. Parents may not wait inside our lobby. At 2:10 or after buses have left, a staff member will identify the parent and retrieve the student one child at a time. Parents meeting students on foot are asked to practice safe social distancing outside and to follow all local and state guidance for safe social distancing and masking. Mask are recommended, but not required.

Other Transportation Information

School Dismissal Manager: This program is not yet active. We will send information home on this soon.  For now, changes needing made to dismissal should be called into the main office by 1:30 PM.

Harris uses the School Dismissal Manager program or app to manage transportation arrangements for our students at the end of the day. Parents may also use this to report absences or schedule early dismissal for appointments. To ensure an accurate dismissal, any change you need to make to your child's after school transportation should be done through this prior to 1:30 PM.

Buses: As required by federal mandate, students riding a bus must wear a mask. On the bus, students should be assigned a seat, and sibling groups may be asked to ride together. Students should practice safe social distancing when entering and exiting a bus. When arriving at school, students should follow the directions of a staff member for safe unloading and report directly to their classroom.

Ride 360: This year you will have the ability to see your child's bus number, approximate bus pick up time and approximate, drop off time. Registering for this services is easy. All you have to do is go to your APP store, download the Ride 360 app, and enter your information that ties your student to your account.

Breakfast and Lunch

*For this school year, all students will have access to one free breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast:  This year, breakfast will be Grab & Go. As students enter the building, there will be several stations that they can stop at and purchase a breakfast to take back to the classroom with them. Students will have a grain choice, one cup of fruit, and milk. Breakfast will be available the first day of school.

2-Hour Delays & Breakfast: Harris does NOT serve breakfast on 2-Hour delays.

Lunch: Due to construction, lunch will be served in our gym.  Students will eat in the same assigned area and assigned seat daily. Students will be distanced to the greatest extent possible. Tables will be cleaned between each group of students. Visitors are not permitted at lunch.

Lunch Accounts - Greenfield-Central is once again using www.ezschoolpay.com to put lunch money in your child’s lunch account (there is a small fee and you will need your child’s student number found on Powerschool). Lunch money may also be submitted by check when you come to registration. Please be sure to keep your child’s lunch account in good standing. Additionally, our cafeteria computer system does not have the capabilities to put a “block” on student lunch accounts for purchasing extra lunch items. You will want to make sure your child is on the same page as you when it comes to spending lunch account money. You can also pay textbook rental fees and iPad insurance on ezschoolpay as well!

Stay Connected with Harris

Future Dates at Harris

*The following dates are tentative and are subject to change based on national, state, and local guidance.

Harris Specific Dates

  • MYTN (Kindergarten & First): July 27 from 4-5
  • MYTN (Second & Third): July 28 from 4-5
  • First Student Day: July 29, 2021
  • School Picture Day: August 17, 2021
  • Labor Day (No School): September 6, 2021
  • Picture Retakes: September 28, 2021
  • First PTO Meeting: TBD
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences: October 25 & 27, 2021


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