Lewis & Clark Expedition By: chloe koons & rachel miller

The Lewis and Clark Expedition was an 8,000 mile travel on boat, foot, and horseback from the east to the west. Throughout the journey there were up and downs, but they had help along the way.

Route taken on the EXPEDITION

The thick red lines shows the route that Lewis and Clark traveled along to the West.


  • Meriwether Lewis- He was a captain in the Expedition but before that he was a governor. He was born on August 18, 1774. He was also a part of the whiskey rebellion and worked for Thomas Jefferson.
  • William Clark- He was a captain in the Expedition. He was born on August 1, 1770. Lewis invited Clark to explore west of the MIssissippi River.
  • Sacagawea- She was an Indian explorer and was the only woman in the expedition. She a also a Shoshone interpreter.
  • York- He was an African-American slave, born in 1770, for William Clark. He was best known from participating and exploring in the expedition. He was a really good hunter and he helped cook and carry supplies.
  • Hugh Hall- He was born in about 1772 in Pennsylvania. He joined the army in 1798 and served in secondary infantry regiment. He served as a private in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


During the expedition Lewis and Clark managed to mapped a route to the Pacific. While traveling they established good relations with the western indians. They had also brought back priceless information about the west and its people.

HArdships/ Dilemmas

On the expedition the people had to row up stream against the rough current of the Missouri River leaving everyone's hands blistered and muscles sore. The mosquitos would feast on their sunburned flesh and had to survive the harsh, wet winters. Most people suffered from hunger during the winter season. Another thing that was very common during the expedition was illness and injury.

Discoveries along the way

  • Grizzle Bear
  • Aleutian Canada Goose
  • Blue Catfish

SUPPLIES taken on the journey

  • 25 hatches- They needed this to chop wood for shelter and building fires
  • 6 large needles- They used this to sew their clothes & to stitch wounds.
  • Handsaws- They used this to cut down trees for wood.

WEbsites used

  1. http://www.history.com/topics/lewis-and-clark
  2. http://www.in.gov/dnr/lewis-clark/

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