St. Mary's by: Kiara bickham

The border states of California are Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona

Border states of California

The college name is St.Mary's

St. Mary's

It is located in Moraga

St. Mary's location in Moraga

The state capital is located in Sacramento

State Capital

California is in Pacific Time Zone

Pacific Time Zone

California's state bird is called, Valley Quail

Valley Quail

California's state flower is called, California Poppy

California Poppy

California's nickname is, The Golden State

3 attractions in California are,

Universal Studios Hollywood
Death Valley

3 famous people that live in California are, Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Snoop Dogg

Katy Perry
Adam Levine
Snoop Dogg

The mascot's name is Gael


Stefan Gozalez

His hometown is in Pocatello, Idaho. He is a sophomore. His height is 6-2 and his weight 195.

This is where Pocatello, Idaho is located

Pocatello, Idaho

The Fight Song

On to victory, the Red and Blue shall win today. From Moraga's hills our team is ready for the fray. When we've won the game throughout the land, will spread our fame and with all our might the Red and Blue will fight, fight, fight!

Created By
Kiara Bickham

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