Forms of Energy by tyler

What is kinetic energy? kinetic energy is energy in motion. Some examples are water going down a waterfall another one is wind flowing through the air.

kinetic energy? when a race car moves it is kinetic energy but if it stops its potential energy.

what is gravitational energy? gravitational energy is energy caused by gravity. Some examples are someone jumping on a trampoline Another throwing something in the air like a rubber ball. One more is dropping something from high up.

Gravitational energy?

What is electrical energy? electrical energy is energy that is caused by energy. One thing is when you turn on a flashlight. Another one is when energy passes through a wire or a car ran by a battery.

electrical energy?

solar energy is converts in energy witch is used by for there houses or businesses.

solar energy is converted in to electrical energy witch is used for power. some example's are, a calculator with a solar panel on it the solar panel makes electricity to power the calculator.

This is the three energies that do different things in the world.These energies can hurt us but can help us sometimes. We use kinetic energy when we drive or when someone hits another car when it moves that is kinetic energy.

THE end know you know what kinetic energy, gravitational energy, and electrical energy is and what they do to help us and to harm use.


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