Tour of the Harn By Konnor McHale

Technique- This particular painting seemed to catch my eye a bit more than others for a reason that I cannot explain other than its uniqueness. The style in which the artist, Hiram Williams, chose was an over-simplified look but had a deeper meaning. The palm tree in "Distraught Palm" may have meant much more to the artist. It may have represented a defiance of oppression, as a bright colored tree standing out among the sea of gray. It made me feel sad for those who have had to live through such times.

Design-The design of the museum was definitely something that brought itself some attention. Although I enjoyed most of the museum, I was the most pleased with the photography wing. The aspect of the art that is just so beyond lifelike is something that appeals to may in a great measure. While I would thoroughly enjoy a lifelike painting or drawing, a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason. Capturing life in its greatest moments is a beautiful thing that goes unappreciated by most. Time really does fly, and taking a second to look around what other people have been able to capture made me value time just a little bit more.

Core Value- I was drawn to this piece of artwork because it exemplifies something that I hold to be a very important part of my life thus far: Balance. Everyday that we live is a balancing act between a myriad of things. Whether it is deciding what outfit to wear or how much to eat, balancing things out in life occurs on a day to day basis. My parents have always been advocates of the idea of "work hard play hard". To me, this is one of the most important balances in life. Making the decision to stop having fun for the day and putting in work might be hard but it is necessary. This artwork instilled a sense of pride in me because I feel confident that I do a good job in this balancing act of life.

Good Life-The Good Life is interpreted in many different ways by many different people. Among all other things that I saw at the museum, this one really struck me. It depicts a time in an era before ours, where horse-drawn carriages were the corvettes of the day. Everyone in the picture seems to be working in harmony, with nothing to dispute over. To me, this could be a form of achieving the Good Life. A utopia in which each member is happy to fulfill their contribution is a happy place. Just as anyone living in the 21st century can vouch for, we are very, very far from a utopia in today's society and its existence almost seems to good to be true.

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