What is it?

Pear Deck works like any slide presentation program you’re used to. In fact, you can even import your old PowerPoints, Google Slides, and PDFs to turn them into powerful interactive Pear Decks right from your Google Drive.

When should you use it?

  • to launch of a unit
  • to increase student engagement
  • to give a quick formative assessment
  • to preassess student knowledge
  • to guide students through a thought process
  • to create opportunity for student voice
  • to check in on individual understanding
  • to share notes easily in Classroom

Why do teachers love it?

Top Row (L to R): silly log in acronyms; personal check in with students; individual voice; Middle Row: formative assessment with graphics (drawing or typing) Bottom Row: create instant polls and simple exit tickets

How do I get started?

"Create a New Deck"

Import Google Slides

Format your slides to get the information you need.

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