OvercomingAdversity By Justin Boyko

Definition Of Adversity:

My definition of Adversity is when you go through a challenging time in your life

Adversities as children: As a kid Jeffrey (the main character) faced many adversities when he was young .Since he was 4 years he suffered form Leukemia cancer,chemotherapy which made him suffer from brain damage and nerve damage,but he eventually defeat cancer,but relapsed with cancer again at the age of seven and soon enough defeated it again.

Overcoming Adversity:

Jeff overcame his adversities by staying strong and defeating cancer.His mom,dad,and brother Steven supported hi during this time especially his brother Steven because Steven was always there fr Jeff when he was sick and with cancer Evidence:In the book Jeff says to tad "Hi,I'm Jeffrey,I had cancer,too"

Quote Explanation:This is Jeff telling Tad his soon to be best friend about how he had cancer too because he noticed that Tad has also had cancer.

Tad's Adversity:Tad faced many adversities.He has had cancer,a brain tumor,another brain tumor,a bone marrow transplant,radiation,chemo

Overcoming Adversity:Tad did chemo therapy,and fought for his life and had support from family and friends

Text evidence:A quote to support this from the book is How about coming home from the hospital with a giant hole in your head and that your own parents replaced you

Explanation:as a kid it's scary to have a hole in your head from surgery

Adversities in 8th grade:

What is Jeff's adversity? Jeff's adversity is that he sucks at math and might not make it high school,Also his brother left for Africa,and his best friend Tad got caner again and died.

Steps taken to overcome adversity:Jeff let Tad tutor him,and he gave up his fear of his dad tutoring him,he visited Tad' grave a lot and accepted his diploma,He also left Steven alone so he can focus on himself for once.


Qoute-"And now,Accepting both his own diploma and the one earned by our departed friend ,Thaddeus Ibsen:Jeffrey Alfer

Explanation:When Tad died it was right before graduation,and Jeff's bea gest for Tad which is to get his diploma and Tad's

2nd quote look.i want to know what it's like to go through one day of my life without getting 3 texts from Annette how am I supposed to figure out my future I can't even for myself for one day. Explanation:Steven needs to be able to worry about himself for once in life n not have to worry about Jeff Annette for once.

Tads 8th grade Adversity:

Tad is facing a death sentence because he gets cancer (CML)!and dies when the bone marrow transplant fails.

Steps taken to overcome:

Stayed strong,fought for his life,went in treatment


Quote:"Don't you remember what evenings were like when you were in treatment.

Explantion:Tad's mom was breaking the news to Jeff that Tad has cancer again and was in treatment.

Quote 2:They scheduled my transplant Jeff and I'm going to be in a damn hospital bed.

Explanation: Tad is telling Jeff he is going trying to survive in the next few weeks

THEME:Don't Give Up!

I chose this because even tho Jeff was about to give up he stayed strong and pushed forward.Tad was facing death but still pushed forward and lived his normal life and didn't tell Jeff so he could focus on passing the test.

Quote:Were a team I tutor you,and you work out with me

Explanation Tad and Jeff work together so both of them can overcome a challenge


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