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I'm Robert Gogol - musical electronics inventor, musician & workshops teacher

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Some time ago I started to learn and build my own electronic musical instruments, sensors and controllers. I started my adventure with the construction of electronic instruments because the devices available on the market did not seem expressive enough. Besides, they were too much connected with well-tempered tonal system.

organic MIDI controller
idea was to capture left hand impressions
modulated and shaped
to control right hand tactile-texture trigger
which all together gives a precise and closely connected with the human body
Organic Musical Messages Triger and Modulator
prototyping another project: Hybrid Koton Synthesizer
EMS VCS 3 control surface

when I learned how to build electronic instruments, I immediately started to teach others

workshop "I'll build a synthesizer!"
teaching musical electronics is like opening new dimensions of reality
Creating and guiding workshops of diy musical electronics became my passion. People gain not only practical electronic knowledge, but also self-confidence. They enter the world of modern technologies, liberating their artistic potential in electroacoustics and music.

below are a few short videos from selected workshops and tutorials on youtube

I'm part of Musical Coworking Space in Poznań, Poland. We create community of musicians, composers, students, musicologists etc. - all kind of people fascinated and devoted to Music.

I teach musical electronics every thursday
every thursday I organize practical lecture about making DIY musical triggers, controllers, using software, programming etc
My practical lectures

cover a wide range of topics related to electronics and music. We do soldering, coding - mostly around Arduino boards.

this time we worked with wireless transmission
I encourage to solder projects

working only with breadboard makes everything temporary and unstable - thats why we do both :)

"senses for machine"
after a few workshops

everyone is able to solder wireless comunication platform and program it. It is a base for further experiments!

we connect our modules with MAXMSP
Good workshop of DIY musical electronics should be followed by...

A CONCERT of course!

The best way to do it: at the end of workshop organize a little improvised set for all attendants - Everybody is always suprised how good they sound playing together!

learnig, building
and then playing!


After years of conducting workshops, in recognition of the quality and social importance of what I do, I have been recognised and supported in my educational activities by Rohde & Schwarz and Mouser Electronics. Both companies provided me with professional measuring equipment of the highest quality, so that I can pass on my knowledge and passion in an even more attractive way. Thank you!

I'm EEV BLOG contest lucky winner :)

Especially support from R&S was a kind of shock for me - they pick me up in Dave Johns EEV Blog Scope Giveaway contest - what a night!

go to 2m31s of this movie :D

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