Technology in Animation Mara Beam

About Animators

  • animation: using pictures in a sequence to create the illusion of movement
  • create animation for different things such as video games, movies, and commercials
  • following animation industries include:
  • motion picture and video
  • computer systems design
  • software
  • advertising and public relations
  • specialized design
  • average salary is about $65,000
This chart shows the average salary between animators, artists, and all occupations.

Different Technology Used by Animators

  • virtual reality: realistic or 3D world that is seen by using special electronic equipment
  • animation is used to make the simulations for virtual reality equipment
  • motion capture: process used to record real-life movement that is turned into digital movement for things such as video games or animated films
  • process helps the animators with creating the smoothness of movement in their works

Why Animation?

  • provides entertainment to many
  • can make people feel different emotions
  • love of art and working with technology

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