MY BASKETBALL STORY. Respect all, fear none.

Hi ! My name is Paul. I'm seventeen years old from Poland. My passion is Basketball.I Want to tell you about My Life - it's Basketball. I Start play this game when i was little kid in Primary School. In third grade class my teacher gave me invite for test's to Basketball class, when i Pass it They send me to basketball class in next school year. photography.

After Three years playing for school,My Coach send me to the really good team. First two years i don't play too much, but i work hard every day and i start really love this game. When coach give me a chance I play with all my heart,because it's dosen't metter how much i play, 2 minutes or 20 minutes i must give 100%.On first season we lose in semifinals. It's good result.

Season 2014/2015. I'm in third grade on middle school.We have a new coach and it's my chance. in the first game he give me 25 minutes to play. Season looks good, we are in quarterfinals,but we got a lot of injury players soo we lost the quarterfinals.

Sometimes it's look danger. King Wilki Morskie Szczecin photography.

Another year I call "Another year,Another Coach" Season 2015/2016 was the best for me, new coach appreciate me,my skills, my prowess on the basketball court and i play better with him, I Start play with older guys in Under 18 years old league, and I Start too play in Amateur league. I Play more and play with difficult players. In Under 18years old league we lose in quarterfinals but coach hopes next season will be better for us and he calls "It's time for you" But...

July 2016 We are on Camp in Olesno, it's little city on south side of Poland. when we comeback to the city and train Team fire our Coach, we lost 2weeks because we don't have coach, It's soo bad time for me and my teammates,but our old Coach comebacks, now we are play in: Under 18 years old league, Under 20 years old league, and Amateur League. It's great season now.

My statistics from amateur league.My best game was 22points and 14rebounds.

Under 18years old (won-lost): 2-1. Under 20years old: 6-1, Amateur League: 1-6.

2016/2017 Teamphoto. Photography

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