Water scarsity in Egypt Teacher: miss yeo stUdent: preston Meade

Physical water scarsity: is when it is physically not there it is gone like thin air

Economic water scarsity: is when the government cannot afford water for the people of that country

Not safe drinking water in the Nile river

Focus question 1: North Africa suffers from water scarsity because off the pollution in the Nile river at the top of the river it flows down the river and makes most of it unsafe drinking water

Location of Egypt Egypt
Map of Egypt

Border:This is a border because this is the whole of Egypt and the rest of Africa is not there

Orientation: it shows that it is in the north point because the boats at sea are at the north

Legend: the legend is that it shows a compas which is showing orientation to the north

Source: the source is that it shows the whole country of Egypt and doesn't leave anything out

Scale: the scale is 9 cm if you measure this but every cm is 1 km so there are 9 km

How long it takes to get home with water in Egypt

Focus question 2: In the Nubian sandstone aquifer it is drying up because of the sun and the way people are using it

Focus question 3: that this water scarcity of the Nubian sandstone aquifer is causing dead plants and people

Rainfall of Egypt

Rainfall: I chose water availability because there is very low rain ful in Egypt very very low I found a graph and copied it out

Temperature/ climate of Egypt

Climate: I chose climate to show how high the temperature can rise in Egypt as you can see the highest it can go is a temperature of 40

How many people are desperate for water

Focus question 4: Egypt is lessening the water usage for everything such as plant water,crop water and how much humans can drink

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