You're Being Watched BY: Nikayla Haynes

As we all know technology has become apart of our everyday lives. Many of us have purchased tons of safety software thinking that we were keeping out the people we didn't want. Recent reports have been told of Apple letting the F.B.I have total access to your phone without you even knowing! There are no flags or or alerts to show when we are being watched, most of the time we don't even know if we made it onto the "watch" list. With so many accessible iPhones, tablets, and/ or cameras its no secret they're probably keeping tabs on you.

Public space cameras, the ones you see in the mall or sides of buildings, have also developed a way for agents to pick up where you are. Whether you are walking down the sidewalk or riding a public us chances are your every step is being watched. News Today said that the NSA have also began creating camera that record what you say. Computers have also grown to be another concern of the public. Security has been known to pay extra for companies to leave a small open door so that only they will be able to tap into what your activities have been up to even during Skype calls!

As our cars also become more and more advanced with people creating and applying new aid to help us stay safe on the road. It has also left a gap open for officials to keep up with us. With license plate pictures being taken from street cameras to our G.P.S police and other NSA agents quickly receive information our our driving habits. Every time you use your credit card the government can see where you were. Officials have created a "disclosure" act allowing companies the permission to spy on you when you don't even know it.

Theres no secret that our iPhones have been targeted by the NSA either. Some words such as "security", "attack", "threat" are key words that are being triggered. Words such as " pork" and "clouds" has also had the pleasure to make it onto the list of concerns. Internet use has also been known to leave a footprint for the government to follow you. The catch is even though they can know what site you've been on or which one you're currently on they have no proof who it actually was.


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