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It was a 2010 Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State football game. Oklahoma Quarterback Landry Jones threw a pass. Opposing defense Brodrick Brown leapt up into the air and deflected the pass as he fell out of bounds. The tipped pass was caught by Brown's fellow teammate, Shaun Lewis, for an amazing interception. It was an incredible moment that combined skill, intuition, luck and most of all, teamwork. In sports, the combined effort of each player is absolutely essential for achieving victory.

Similarly, at the San Jose Police Department (SJPD), it is essential for an officer to work with other officers and units to effectively solve crimes and protect the greater community. Both police work and team sports depend on the combined efforts of each individual to achieve their goals. There are many excellent SJPD officers who played team sports during their school years.

Jackson played football during his high school and college years.

Born in San Francisco, Tim Jackson grew up in San Jose. He graduated from Archbishop Mitty High School, where he played football, and went onto San Jose City College. Jackson transferred to San Jose State University upon receiving a football scholarship from the school.

“College was a great experience for me," comments Jackson. "Any high school students that I deal with, I tell them 'Hey, go to college. Some of your best years, best experiences, and best friends for life are going to be in college.'”

“I was at San Jose State from 1986 to 1989," recalls Jackson. "I played there for three seasons, we had a lot of success there. We went to two California Bowl games. The football experience, the athletic experience was awesome.”

Graduating with a BS in Advertising, Jackson decided to pursue law enforcement: "I couldn’t really picture myself sitting behind a desk, pitching ad space. My brother (Curtis Jackson) was an officer in the SJPD. He said, ‘Why don’t you take the test here.' I looked into the SJPD, and after checking the benefits and things like that, I said, ‘Man, this is not a bad career.' I ended up taking the test, passing everything and getting hired ... and here I am. Great place, it’s been a great ride."

Bridging sports with his SJPD career, Jackson participated in a coaching program at San Jose High Academy (SJHA), the oldest high school in San Jose, organized by Sergeant Jason Pierce.

Pierce was a SJHA alumni and heard that the school lost its coaching staff due to an internal dispute. An avid athlete like Jackson, Sergeant Pierce could not stand to see his alma mater without team sports. So, on his own time, Pierce took over the head coaching job for the SJHA football team. Faced with a task that was too much for one person, Sergeant Pierce enlisted the help of other SJPD officers who played college football. This included Officers Vernon Todd, Duc Ngo and Jackson. Former SJPD Sergeants Jason Woodall and Glenn Harper also helped with the coaching.

Sergeant Jason Pierce organized the SJPD coaching staff for the San Jose High Academy football team.

"It was a big commitment. There are practices every day and games on the weekend," recalls Jackson. "But, when Sergeant Pierce told me about the kids not having a team and not being able to carry on traditions like the Big Bone Game, I started thinking about helping out. As an athlete, you always want to give back to the sport. So, San Jose High was being coached by the San Jose Police Department."

"What was really rewarding about the experience is that we had a major impact on these kids and their lives, " comments Jackson. "Lots of them were 'at risk kids,' some were in gangs. But, we really worked with those kids ... when we first started, we had twenty-seven players. Twelve of them were academically ineligible to play. So, we started a study hall program with the teachers and managed to get eleven of the students qualified to play.

"We also found out that lots of the kids weren't eating lunch. When you're exerting all that energy, you're going to need nutrients to keep you going. So, I contacted our POA caterer, John Nguyen of Golden Harvest. He supported what we were doing and offered to prepare meals at cost. We did fund raising to pay for the food. So, Golden Harvest would prepare the meals, we would go pick up the food in Jason's truck and open up one of the classrooms where the kids could come in and eat.

"The funny thing is that when you coach, the players become your kids. So, on weekends, we'd worry about them and we'd call them to make sure things were alright. But, things really paid off in the long run. It was very rewarding and we had a major influence on those kids. Some of them are police officers. One kid, who was a gang member, is now in the Marines."

Officer Tim Jackson with Ibrahim Desouki, whom he coached at San Jose High Academy. Desouki graduated from UC Davis and is now in the Davis Police Department.
Officer Jackson with Patrick Glover, star cornerback at the University of Arizona, at an SJPD recruiting event. Jackson continues to encourage athletes to consider a career in law enforcement.

“Athletics is a big part of my life. It teaches you how to work together. It teaches you to be team-oriented as well as goal-oriented, which is very similar to the job here in the police department," says Officer Tim Jackson, twenty-four year veteran with the San Jose Police Department (SJPD).

"Being a police officer is a great career. If you want to give back to the community you live in, it’s an awesome way to do it.” — Officer Tim Jackson

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