I am from .... Donna Busa

I am from Italian immigrant grandparents

Naples and Atina

I am from changing our last name

no ending in a vowel because it will give you away

I am from leaving who you are behind when at work or school

and embracing it at home where no one could see

I am from my dad being told by his teacher he would end up in jail

because he was different

I am from "not me"

"I will show you"

I am from middleweight world boxing contender

I am from the golden gloves to the golden dome 

I am from a man who fought for the rights of all

when it wasn't the popular thing to do and help create laws to protect the vulnerable

I am from a man who never wanted anyone to feel bad, go without, or be discriminated against because of where they came from or who they became 

I am from a man who was proud when I decided to become a teacher

so I can help give a child a chance to learn, succeed and love who they are & be proud to share who they are

I am from my father ......


Created with images by US Army Africa - "Italian, American communities observe 12th anniversary of 9/11" • Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "Indicazione del piu rimarcabile in Napoli e contorni" • NIAID - "Ellis Island Public Health Service Physicians" • andreas160578 - "box boxing gloves hanging" • David Paul Ohmer - "Massachusetts State House - Dome & Flag" • Visual Content - "Legal Gavel & Open Law Book"

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