Visiting American Places By:Aaron,Brooke, and ethan

The first place we are going to go to is New York.

We are going to the Statue of Liberty on the 2nd of April, in 1892 France gave us it and it became a symbol of friend ship and freedom.

Statue Of Liberty

The next day we are going to the Empire State building.For 4 years it was the largest building in the world.

Empire State building

Then we are going to to 9-11 Memorial Museum this is where 2,977 victims were killed in 2001.Also the world trade center bombing was here on 1993 which killed 6 people.

After that day we are going to Philadelphia.

When we go it will be the 4th.So we are going to the Philadelphia History Museum. This is were Philadelphia was made.

The next day we are going to Fort Mifflin this is where the British built it in 1771.This is also where the Americans captured the Mifflins.

The next day we are going to Washington DC.

That day we are going to Arlington National cemetery.This is where over 300,000 people lie from the start of the Civil war.

After that day it was the 7th and the last day here.So we are going to go to Fords Theater.This is where President Abraham was shot by Johns Wilksbooth while he was watching a play.

This is the spot where he was sitting and got shot.

Then we are going to our last place which was The Library of Congress.This is the worlds largest library,which includes some of Thomas Jefferson's personal films and books.

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