Leading ImpaCT Past, Present and Future

Amanda Rablin - eLearning Coordinator

Julia Boulton - eLearning Project Administrator

St Peters Lutheran College

Our Past

Many initiatives with contextual drivers and influences.

  • Impact of DER
  • The Learning Federation and Learning Objects
  • LMS and initial Moodle implementation
  • IT skills v integrations
  • Teacher knowledge, skills and pedagogy

Consider: Select one driver of change to discuss its impact in your context.

Our Present

Moving from the status quo to innovation.

  • BYOT - Bring Your Own Technology
  • LMS - from Moodle to Firefly
  • DOL - Dimensions of Learning
  • PYP -Primary Years Programme
  • PERMA and Positive Education
  • eSmart and eSafety
  • Digital Technology and Australian Curriculum
  • Pegagogy - SAMR and TPACK
  • Governance and structures...
“It’s happening because the leadership of the school is allowing people to try things differently. It’s about being prepared to make mistakes and try things out on the basis of trial and error, which is how innovation works.” Sir Ken Robinson

Consider: Your current situation and possibilities for the future (e.g. the relevance of the existing schooling system, the place of agile learning and pace of change).

The Future

''The world we live in is changing at a remarkable speed. Think back a decade and many ingredients of life today didn't exist. The iPhone debuted in 2007; the internet has only been in general use for 20 years.'' Stephen Heppell
Download as a PDF from http://futurewe.org/framework
If we could build a new framework to show how learners and leaders can thrive in the future, what would it look like? - FutureWe


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