5 Things on planned giving

We're revving up our planned giving program. Watch for messages about why and how to plan your legacy gift. First, however, in order to lay the most important groundwork, we want to make crystal clear what planned giving is.

To start, please forget the oversimplified generalization that Planned Giving is only about making a gift through your will. If that is the only nugget that you know, then you risk missing the good stuff - what Planned Giving really is:

What planned giving really is:

  1. Planned Giving is an opportunity: It is for you who care so deeply about this ministry and what happens even beyond your lifetime. Planned Giving enables you to provide for those who come next, whom you may never know.
  2. Planned Giving is the gift of your lifetime: For most of us, our planned gift is the largest and therefore the most impactful gift that we will make.
  3. Planned Giving converts your things into ministry for generations to come: Through a planned gift, when you no longer have need for your things – like your financial, personal and real assets – you can share them back into life changing ministry for others.
  4. Planned giving is personal: Even after your lifetime, this is how you still hold the hand of a child in need, a family, a budding new leader. Imagine lifting up not just one deserving person, but a dozen; imagine lifting up hundreds.
  5. Planned giving is leadership: As a leader, people watch what you do. Your planned gift teaches others to re-deploy the gifts God has given them to lift up others - during their lifetimes and after.

We are grateful for those who came before us and for all of the ministry that they have made possible. Now it is our turn. We are entrusted to care for this ministry – and ensure that it thrives in brand new ways for those who next.

Join the promise of our ministry to future generations. Your gift matters here.

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