1984: Part II Chapter VI Breanne hansen


  • Winston and Julia meet regularly
  • O'Brien makes contact with Winston, refers to Syme, and invites Winston to go to O'Brien's house to look at a Newspeak dictionary
  • Winston realizes what his fate will hold if he continues on this path but he feels excited anyways


  • Winston: main character, extremely curious about how The Party came into power and what life was like before, knows his actions will lead him to punishment and death, rebels against The Party regardless
  • Julia: despises the Party, wants to rebel, feels optimistic about her life, wants to live life to the fullest, enjoys the small acts of rebellion she has committed


  • Inner conflict between the world that Winston lives in and how he feels
  • Question of trust


  • Winston deciding to meet with O'Brien is the turning point in the story
  • Winston and Julia both want to rebel, but they go about it in different ways/thought processes


  • The picture of St. Clement's chapel in the room Winston rents from Mr. Charrington
  • Romeo and Juliet- a story of forbidden love


  • If Winston and Julia lived in today's society, would they still be attracted to each other, or does their love stem from the situation they are placed in?


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