Agriculture Project 2016 By: jacob shields

Wheat was the first crop grown by humans in 8,000 BC.

The first agriculture revolution was called the Neolithic Revolution and it occored between 10,000 BC and 2,000 BC. The humans turned into people that hunted and gathered it changed them because they didn't hunt and gather before they changed. Wheat occored in 8,000 BC it changed farming because they had to find out / learn how to grow a crop because it was their first time and it started farming. It changed how the humans lived because they had a way to produce food without having to go out and hunt for food.

This machine made farming easier because it watered more plants at once.

The second agriculture revolution was part of the industrial reveloution. It occored during the industrial revoloution it changed farming because there was a lot more machines involved with the farms and it made farming much faster and much easier for the farmers.

This tractor has modern day equipment attached to the back of it and it has the corn collector dropping the corn into the trailer.

The third agriculture revolution occored in the nineteenth century. The change in farming was machines took over manual labor of men and animals so it was much much easier for us to farm, collect our crops without picking them, watering all of our crops at once, and fertalizing our crops at once.

Genetically modified organisms are feed that are modified by a company and givin to farmers so that they can grow there crops and make the animals grow faster and get fatter for extra meat and making customers happier with the ammount of meat they have. They change farming by making it much much faster and making the plant or animal much bigger in size so they have more food. The pros of GMO foods are that our food grows faster and is bigger and is less money than organic. The cons of GMO foods are that it isnt the greatest for our body and has killed people and makes the animals suffer more also it can give us dieseises.

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Created with images by bogitw - "straw bales stubble agriculture" • Hans - "spike wheat cereals" • Boston Public Library - "Mechanized farming in Ruskin, Florida" • maxmann - "combine harvester tractor harvest"

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