Juniors tour colleges virtually By alanna devorkin and coco crowley

Juniors prepare for the once of a life time experience of deciding which college is the one for them out of the numerous choices!

-Riley Kramer, junior, said “I virtually toured FAU and I really loved it. I’ve been there before and I can tell I really want to go there.”

-Chloe Stojovic, junior, said “The virtual college tours that I attended were very different but they were very helpful because I got to see a lot of things that I didn’t know existed within the campus. I personally think that it was a really cool experience to be able to connect with people that know their way around the college.”

-Arron Gilgur, junior, said "It was a nice experience and was very helpful but I still would have much rather seen it in person to get the real experience of a college visit."

-Lola Wojcik, junior, said "Even though I already committed to UWM, I enjoyed revisiting the campus virtually to learn a little bit more about the college I am attending. I learned a lot about the layout of the school and enjoyed being able to visit it on the computer."

-Abbie Ravanelli, junior, said "I have gone to many of the college websites and they a 360 degree virtual tour which was really cool. Although I felt like I was missing out, I am glad I got to experience the layout of the college so I can get familiar with some of them. This defiantly helped me narrow down my lists of colleges I would like to attend."


Photo credits to mascot names online which highlights the different mascots