The Night of the Broken Glass By saimanish Akavaramu

Even through past conflict, overwhelmingly, the Natzi’s and Jewish people should learn to accept each other like Leslie accepting her surroundings and other people. During the Kristallnacht, the Natzi's burned all of the Jewish stores, they should forget about the past and accept each other. Leslie’s parents and brother’s died but she never gave in, she learned to accept her foster parents and the friends she made.

The Theme of this novel is that you should learn to accept each other and your surroundings even through past conflict. My chosen topic is the Kristallnacht, which is the night of the broken glass. In this night the Natzi’s broke all of the jewish owned stores/goods. The Natzi’s and the Jewish people should forget this past conflict and learn to accept each other.

Max Vandenburg was a jewish man living in the basement of the Huberman's. He was forced to live their because he didn’t wanted to get arrested by the Natzi’s. His Friend Walter let him escape in the night of the Kristallnacht. Therefore the Kristallnacht led to the Huberman's accepting in each other.

The Book Thief is a story about Leslie a nine-year old, German girl that lost her whole family and now she lives with foster parents. She is introduced into reading and realizes that her parents are dead for being anti-natzis. She learns that the source of Hitler’s powers comes from the propaganda and his choice of words.

The Natzi's Perspective: During the Kristallnacht, the Natzis were just trying to get rid of the jews from the german economy system. They destroyed the shops, houses, and Jewish churches because the Jewish people would be forced to leave germany and also they arrested them so they can send them to concentration camps. The Natzi’s also suffered some losses too, they were breaking consumer goods which would harm the German economy. Also the Insurance companies will pay off the goods and stores that were destroyed. This night was not an accomplishment to the Natzi’s

Jewish Perspective: This Video is in the perspective of Jewish Woman who has experienced the Kristallnacht when she was a kid. She Talks about how she is in jeopardy from the Natzi’s in her orphanage. She was lucky being exempt from a concentration camp and was sent to a refugee camp in Berlin. But parents were sent to concentration camps and were eventually killed. She had a rough time moving from place to place. She was a kid who almost died and had a rough childhood.

German Child Perspective: As you can see in the photo the mother is trying to rush away from the broken shops because she doesn't want her child to see. How would you feel hearing the sound of breaking glass from you neighbor's house. These Kids living in this time had heard sirens and there jewish friends not being at school the next day. They would be terreified and scared on whats happening to there country.

Well-established Jews Living in Germany Perspective: Jews with high ranks in germany were still taken away and had to adjust to hard jobs. For example, If you were a great business man, and then you left the country and had to a farmer job. These are very different jobs and it will be hard to Adjust. When Jewish people with family and friends in germany, heard the news that they got killed, They felt so powerless because they can’t doing anything about it.

Works Cited: Allan, Kenn. “Poem: Kristallnacht.” Poem: Kristallnacht, This source is credible because the author has 30 years in a writing career and the website is her own and has no ads.This source is a poem, which is great for my topic because it shows me a lot of perspective and has relevant information.There are no errors and spelling mistakes. It’s purpose is to inform us about the kristallnacht in a poetic way.

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Perspective on Kristallnacht. Chapman University, 26 Sept. 2014, This source is credible because this source comes from a university and is talked by a person who has experienced my event.This source has purposeful content because what the woman is talking about is true not fake because she has experienced my event.There are no errors because this is a video which well structured.

Works Cited Etzioni, Amitai. "`Kristallnacht' Remembered." Commonweal 126.3 (1999): 12. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 10 Jan. 2017. This is credible because the source comes from a database which is peer edited. This source has lots of relevant information and has the perspective of a jewish family during the event. There are no grammar errors and it’s purpose is to inform.There is a lot of fluency.


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