Saint Moses the Black ARGUABLY The Livest Saint Ever @Chrismith1k


Saint Moses was born 330 A.D In Egypt and Died 405 A.D.  Saint Moses the Black is the patron saint of forgiveness and nonviolence

Saint Moses's Feast day is August 28.
  • Interesting Facts on Saint Moses
  • He was an gang leader which he killed ppeople and stole other people's stuff
  • He KO five Mercenaries in the Monastery by himself with no help and they joined the Monastery after there butt whooping .
  • Nowadays he is considered a patron saint of forgiveness and nonviolence, which is actually kind of impressive considering the fact that he used to work as a face-stabbing brigand leader and once beat the snot out of four dudes at the same time with his bare knuckles.

Pray when you have the chance.

Help the people who don't show peace or forgiveness.

Help them recognize their sins so they could become better spirited humans.


Please help the world become non violent and more peaceful.

St.Moses please stop any type of violence in our life and make it more peaceful.

Help us understand that time is limited and we have to change and become closer to God as soon as possible.

Please help us be more peaceful and forgiving to have clean heart instead of a dirty one.

Thank you for all the peace and forgiveness we get from people.


I have not received or given any unauthorized help on this work

Chris Smith


The legend CHRISMITH1K

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