The Renaissance By:Chantel Diaz

The reopening of The Silk Road help spark the Renaissance because the Silk Road availed trade increase between distant lands. Which helped influence the Europeans to gain new interest like art, literature, and learning. The text states, " Increased trade will help spark new interest" (Author 298). In conclusion, The Silk Road helped spark new interest which led to the Renaissance.

Marco Polo and his Tavels.

The Greek and Roman classical ideas helped shape the development of the Renaissance because, Greek and Roman classical ideas made scholors or anyone want to look deeper to learn more about the sculpture or writing. In the process they were actually finding new interest such as literature. The text states, " As Italian scholars read ancient text they rediscovered the glories of Greek and Rome. As a result, they longed for a renewal of classical culture" (Author 305) In conclusion, Greek and Eoman classical ideas helped many people look deeper, which helped the development of the Renaissance.

Leonardo de Vinci

The artical that I chose shows how Leonardo De Vinci believed that art was connected to science and nature. The text states, "Art, da Vinci believed, was indisputably connected with science and nature" ( 1).

Printing Press

The Printing Press affected literacy because, because it allowed people to read more because books or writtings would be completed faster.

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