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the music industry is transforming before our eyes

Millennial's are a streaming generation, making up more than 50% of the global workforce, they dominate the evolution of the music industry. An industry driven on both ends of the supply chain; production and consumption.

With production, artists are exploring new ways to generate money. No longer do they rely on album and ticket sales, they also obtain money from ad revenue, helping artists earn more from their music. Some platforms even help new artists be discovered.

With consumption, consumers are looking for convenience, selection and new interests. No longer is it only about their favorite albums or tracks but about what friends and other like-minded individuals are listening to. Consumption has gone social!

SIMon Media Streaming marries an immersive social experience with e-Commerce in the biggest library of streaming music and video content available. Social communication allows artists to connect with their fans, and fans with other like minded individuals, while e-Commerce greatly expands sales opportunities for fans and artists.

disruptive innovation

where Social, and

SIMon is Social

Media Streaming combine

SIMon is Streaming

with eCommerce

Tickets and t-shirts are only the start, why can't shopping for shoes and streaming songs co-exist?

eCommerce is more than artists selling vinyl's or set lists to a group of fans, its the social interaction of fans in communities where other fans, and artists themselves, share their interests, products and services. If you like a band, you could buy the lead singer’s book, or see items that other fans liked and purchase those.

Think of how many artists are now associated with a unique style -- they could partner with fashion brands or retailers to curate shops, and get an affiliate fee every time someone buys items from their in-app store. It could also serve as a great discovery mechanism -- fans might start browsing stores and wind up listening to music and buying concert tickets.

About Business In Gear

Business In Gear is the developer and provider of SIMon, a social commerce platform which delivers immersive social communication combined with mobile commerce. SIMon's features, functions and architecture deliver disruptive services in the supply chain of many different industries, from tourism to education.

Business In Gear is positioned to launch competitive products and develop applications in the convergence between mobile commerce and the Internet of Things.

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