Kim Jong Un "Despotism is a plan alone, without law and without rule, leads all its will and caprices"

By Thiago Souza

Baron de Montesquieu would be against the government style of Kim Jong Un, he was against a government in which one person would hold all the power. He believed that power would have to be divided or else it would cause corruption. This is highlighted in his argument when he says:

To prevent the executive power from being able to oppress, it is requisite, that the armies, with which is intrusted, should consist of people, and have the same spirit as the people...

Montesquieu argues that to prevent executive power from taking over and being able to abuse it position, it should be intrusted and consist people so that it can have the same spirit as the people. Much like Kim Jong Un in this case being the dictator of North Korea and being able to abuse his power and do what is best for him. He writes,

For we can not abuse power, must, by the arrangement of things, power checks power

This is Montesquieu’s statement on the separation of powers in the government laws. He is for the people, he believes that the government needs tos consist of the people so that it can have the same spirit as the people. He is against having a government being run by a dictator who can oppress power and bring a nation into corruption.

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