1800s *black history*

Plantation life

Plantation house.

All 13 Colonies legalized slavery at the beginning of the America’s war. In the later late 18ths century The slave of south fueled on economic engine based on tobacco. A Slave could produce up to 1,000 pounds of cotton per day. By 1850 the south was exporting over one million tons of cotton annually to the hungry textile miles of England.

American soldiers during the civil war.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President. He made an Anti Slavery Platform. The Republicans were a major force. The Civil War was caused by abolitionists who wanted slavery to be abolished. There were over 180,000 black american soldiers but yet they were still treated unequal. Lincoln favored a 30 year slave compensation for slave labor. He wanted free blacks to be sent to colonies like Haiti or Panama. Lincoln then realized how crucial slaves are to the south. Both sides acknowledge the importance of slave labor. The emancipation proclamation was signed on January 1, 1863. It freed slaves and really weakened the confederacy. It was a general favorable opinion.This helped the North win the war. It was a huge step towards equal rights. The african Americans were eager to fight., Lincoln hired many slaves. He said if they win, they will be set free, which they were.


Reconstruction Era

It was especially hard for the south to rejoin with the Union. The reconstruction happened after the Civil War. It went on from 1865-1877. There were intense controversies. It causes the impeachment of a President. There were many racial outbreaks. They passed several Constitutional Amendments. Even the end was very controversial. The biggest issue was bringing the nation back together. The issue wasn't only political and social, but also physical. destruction. The infrastructure also had to be rebuilt. The reconstruction was also very severe.

Dred Scott Decision

In 1833, Dred Scott was transported to Illinois by his master in Missouri and he was later transported to Minnesota. Scott tried to sue his owners with the help of his white friend Henry Taylor Blow because he was on free land. The Missouri Supreme Court overturned the ruling. The case went to the U.S Supreme Court. The court ruled the Scotts on several grounds.


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