Papau New Guinea Gabe davis

This is Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea located in the southern-eastern hemispheres and is in the continent of Australia

Papua New Guinea is only bordered by the pacific and Indian oceans and Indonesia Papua as this country is only half on an island. The other half is owned by Indonesia.

The capital of Papua New Guinea is called port moresby and its coordinates are 6.3150°S and 143.9555°E.


Papua New Guinea is located between the tropics of cancer and Capricorn meaning that it is in the tropical climate zone.

The mountains and rainforests in Papua New Guinea hold the endangered kangaroo species " the matschie tree kangaroo". They usually live up tho 11,000ft in the mountain rainforests.


This country population is up to 7.5million people, classifying it to be a medium sized country. It's world population rank is 98th place.

This country's population density is also at 42.8 people per square mile meaning with all the people in the country it still isn't as crowded as other country's. It's world population density rank is 204th place.

The growth rate of this country shows how fast the population is growing. This country's is pretty fast as there were up to 400 THOUSAND kids being born as of 2016! And the fertility rate of this country is up to 133 kids per 100 women!
The five largest cities this country are #1 port moresby with up to 283,733 people living there. #2 Lae , Morobe with 76,255 people living there. #3 Arawa , Bougainville with 40,266 people living there. #4 Mt Hagen, Western Highlands with 33,623 people living there. and #5 Popondetta with 28,198 people living there.
Papua new guinea is a very rural country as only 18% of its occupants(1,350,000) live in urban areas and is very customary depending on where you live in the island(given the reason why over 850 languages are spoken on the island.)

It is unsure whether there are more or less people leaving or entering the country.


Papua new guinea is still a developing country as developed country's own G.D.P per capita of $30,000, a life expectancy of 78 years and a literacy rate of 99%. Papua new guinea has a G.D.P per capita of $2,900, a life expectancy of 66.85 years and a literacy rate of 62.4%.


There are over 850 languages spoken in this country, but the main languages spoken are English, tok pisin, and Hiri motu.

There are 2 main religions in Papua new guinea, The roman catholic religion of which all members believe revelation ends with death, and the protestant religion of which all members in this religion believe there were errors in the roman catholic religion after a movement of its followers.


(roman catholic)

most P.N.G's are Melanesian's and are very widely separate with there physical, authentic, and cultural characteristics. The reason of this is because there are over 21 provinces in Papua new guinea.


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