Dragons And Dinosaurs By:Camden

contraption device machine

Very weird contraption.

submerge immersed

She is summerge .

massive enormous solid

This is a massive pig.

eerie creepy weird

This is eerie to look at .

roamed wander travel

Do not roam on private places.

obstacles impediment barrier

This is an obstacle to get throgh..

elegant tastful

This muffin is elegant.

complicated complex intricate

This would be hard to build which makes it a complicated project.


Created with images by Hans - "short disc harrow harrow short slices" • josstyk - "girl swim emerge" • Roselie - "pot bellied pig pet massive" • RyanMcGuire - "man silly funny" • aitoff - "private sign prohibit" • sandra374 - "the great wall of china wonder of" • jarmoluk - "bun chocolate sweets" • EvgeniT - "barcelona night torre agbar"

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