Alexander the Great By: Bailey Rollins

356 B.C. -Alexander born 356 B.C.E. to King Philip II and Olympia in Pella, Macedonia.

348-343 B.C. -It is rumored that at a young age 8-13 years old. He tamed a wild horse named Bucephalus that none of his fathers men could manage. Philip saw the control Alexander had over the wild horse and told his son "You'll have to find another kingdom; Macedonia isn't going to be big enough for you."

343 B.C. -Alexander was taught by Aristotle, he learned science, geography, and literature. Alexander enjoyed the Iliad by Homer and was rumored to have kept it under his pillow.

336 B.C. -King Philip was stabbed to death and at the age of 20 Alexander became the next king.

336 B.C. -Once Alexander took the throne he set out to conquer Persia with the army.

335 B.C. -After Philip's death, the Thracians and Illyrians rise up in rebellion. This inspires the Greek city-state of Thebes to rebel, and Alexander destroys Thebes & enslaves the Thebans, because they rebelled against the League of Corinth. The inhabitants are executed or sold into slavery, Alexander shows the other city-states that he is just as powerful as his father.

334 B.C. -At the Granicus River, Alexander defeats the Persian army that were employing greek mercenaries. The Persians retreat, and Alexander's army moves across the southern coast of Asia toward Gordium. During travel, they liberate a number of cities from Persian rule.

Granicus River, India

332 B.C. -After conquering Syria, he easily conquers Egypt after besieging Gaza. In 331 BCE, he founds the city of Alexandria, which is meant to be a hub of Greek commerce and culture. This is just one of many cities he names after himself during his conquests.

Alexandria, Egypt

331 B.C. -Alexander and Darius, king of the Persia, meet at Gaugamela. Alexander's military skills overwhelm Darius, Darius orders his men to flee, and the Macedonians are victorious. Alexander decides to incorporate Persian officials into his administration and adopts Persian customs in order to hold his empire together.

327 B.C. -After conquering east Iran and capturing prince Oxcarts, Alexander marries Roxanna, the princes daughter. The marriage is suppose to be a political alliance.

326 B.C -Alexander and his troops set out to expand his empire and head to northern India. They defeat King Porus, who was leader of a kingdom just east of the Hydaspes River. Alexander shows how intelligent he was when he made the attack plan to turn Porus' elephants against Porus' army.

Battle of Hydaspes

326 B.C. -After Alexander and his men spent several months in India, Alexanders army refused to continue any further. Alexander is forced to return to Babylon.

323 B.C. -Before he sets out on a new campaign, Alexander suddenly falls ill with a sudden fever. Leaves his empire, to "the strongest" of his commanders. But his empire falls as fast as it was created. His 3 commanders split up the empire and compete for control.

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