Drama Journal 2017 Angela Zheng

Drama - Journal 1

Q: What are your thoughts about drama class after this first week?
  • This week, we have started our last Arts class, which is Drama. During this week of Drama, we played various kinds of activities and acted out different scenes Ms. Wenn created.
  • During the first few drama classes, we discussed about Tableau, and what it is. My classmates and I went into random different groups and practiced/acted out different Tableaus after learning the basic facts about it.
  • I really enjoy acting myself, and looking at other people acting. Watching movies is one of my favorite hobbies. I think that Drama class this week was really fun and entertaining (especially when looking at classmates acting). I think that I would enjoy Drama class and, gain lots of knowledge about Drama throughout the Units.
Week One:
Q: What is something you are excited about?
  • For drama class, I'm really looking forward to learning new skills about acting different characters, and analyzing them with different perspectives. I really want to learn and try out new ways of acting and performing different characters/roles in various different skits.
Q: What is something you are concerned about?
  • Something that I'm concerned about in Drama so far is that I am still not really confident about mime. Throughout the next week of Drama, I would like to learn and practice more about acting and using mime.
Q:What questions do you have after this first week? (is anything unclear? Is there a concept / activity you didn’t understand?)

I don't really have any questions after this week of Drama, though I wasn’t really sure why we did the chicken/peacock game. It was a really fun game and it was really entertaining, however I wasn’t sure how that game had to do with what we were going to learn/ what we are learning.

Q: Choose a specific activity to discuss. Why did you choose this activity? Was it challenging? Did you learn something? Was it memorable? Why?

An activity throughout this week was the game with Ms. Wenn (the captain) using commands to force us do work. I wanted to choose this activity because I enjoyed playing a game together as a class that has everyone moving. This game was challenging because after the practice rounds, we had to act and respond super fast to what the captain said, or we’re out. This was a memorable game for two main reasons.

  • The first reason is that I worked on my reflexes and skills while having a lot of fun. The second reason is that I’m one of the people who stayed on board till the end and won. I’m looking forward for more games like these in the future.
Comments by Ms. Wenn

2. "Great ideas! Analyzing characters from different perspectives is a very useful skill."

4. "Haha you are right - it isn't directly connected to the unit, the purpose is to get people ready to be silly and comfortable with each other to step out of our comfort zones."

Week Two:

Drama Journal 2

Q: What ATL skills have you been developing in drama class so far? Choose a specific drama activity from this week and explain how you worked on those skills during that activity.
  • I think that I have used/practiced almost all of the ATL skills so far during the drama classes. However, I believe that I have worked/developed most on 5 major skills throughout drama. The five ATL skills are communication, collaboration, creative thinking, self-management, and reflection. I believe that I have worked well on those skills because that during drama, we are communicating through action, and movement, where we are collaborating/working together in groups. Creative thinking happens almost in every class because that each time Ms. Wenn comes up with a scenario, we would have to think about it, and act out different things to represent the scenario/topic. We/I have worked on my self management and reflection skills during the drama classes because that when we present and watch others present, we would need to focus on the presenter and respect them by showing good behaviour. I work on my reflection skills each week by writing my Drama journal.
"The most exciting acting tends to happen in roles you never thought you could play" - John Lithgow

An activity that I want to discuss about is the latest activity that we did on making shapes with our bodies. This activity has two main parts. The first part is to make random shapes with our bodies and fill in the gaps between my teammates and I. The second part of this activity was to create the objects Ms. Wenn made up with our body. During this activity, I believe that my partner(s) and I worked most on developing my/our creative thinking skills. We developed this skill because that we need to think creatively on how we are going to craete/perform the object so that people can understand what shapes we are making with our bodies.

Q: What skills do you need to work on to be more successful in drama class? How can you try to improve these skill areas?

To be more successful in drama class, I believe that we would need to work on our communication, collaboration, creative thinking, organization, and self-management skills. We could improve on all these skills by listening and following orders from Ms. Wenn, and participating in all Drama activities.

  • ATL Skill examples: communication, collaboration, creative thinking, critical thinking, organization, self-management (behavior control), reflection, emotional awareness (affective skills)
Week 3:

Drama - Journal 3

Q: This week we looked at adding music to a movement performance in the Nightmare Scenes and Alice in the Magic Kitchen. How did adding the music affect your performance? Use some specific examples from either activity to help explain your answer.

Different types of music(s) express different types of feelings and emotion. Music comes in different speeds, genres, feelings and flow, which is similar to acting in drama. Adding the music in our movement performances affected how we acted, the way we acted, the feeling we had, the flow, and the expression that we had. For example, in the last activity Alice and the Magic Kitchen, we changed the feeling, speed, weight, flow, and body language/movements when the music switched. Each type of music inspired us to do a different king of movement and story for making a breakfast.

Q: Choose another group’s Nightmare Scene that impressed you. As an audience member, why did this group’s scene stand out? What did they do well?

The group that I think impressed me the most was Jiawen, Kai, John and Michael Lau's group. I really enjoyed watching their nightmare scene because that they had music that gave you an eerie feeling, and they had a lot of drama going on that fitted almost perfectly in the music. I really liked how their feelings and emotions rose at the same time when the music became louder. When I was down stage watching them, I could almost feel Kai’s fear of the nightmare, and when the nightmare ended and Kai came out of the room seeing his friends play car games, I felt happy and relieved for Kai.

Week 4

Drama Journal 4

Q: What is your ARTISTIC INTENTION for your movement performance? **(Use the guidelines we discussed in class, look in the CONTENT LIBRARY)
  • In my performance, I would like to challenge myself by expressing and confronting the prospect of what a ghost living in a abandoned mansion would look, and act like. This is my artistic intention because that I believe ghosts (especially one's who are in a dark abandoned castle for thousands of years.) are not really easy to perform, since they are suppose to be floating, invisible, and etc, however will express myself as a ghost by wearing dark colours.

To perform this character better, I will include all movement techniques too. (Direction, Speed, Flow, and Weight) For this performance, the direction of my character will be indirect, the speed will be slow, the weight will be light, and the flow will be free.

Q:Summarize the progress you and your group made this week.
  1. What has gone well so far in the planning and rehearsal process?
  2. What difficulties or challenges have you faced? How did you try to overcome these difficulties or challenges?
  3. What do you need to do next week to make sure you are ready to perform?
  • During our rehearsals throughout these weeks, I think that my group and I collaborated really well together. We got the music done really fast, and we started practicing right after we finished planning the skit.

Some difficulties that I faced was finding the right pictures, and making the intro for our skit. Since we were doing a scene in a abandoned castle, I had to find creepy pictures of inner views in castles that were about hundreds of years old. For most of the pictures, I even had to photoshop things in, and photoshop things out in order to help improve on our scenes. However, I overcame this by doing some of the pictures with my groups members, and asking for some advise on what pictures should change on what time.

  • Next week, I would need to finish the iMovie, and bring in black costumes so that I could show my character and use body language to let the audience know what I am acting.
Comments From Ms. Wenn

"Good start here Angela! What about movement techniques to use for this character?"

"Great details here for #2!"

Week 5:
Q:Overall, how do you think the performance went? What went well? If you could do it again, what would you change or improve to make it better?

I think that overall my performance went pretty well. During our performance, all the characters went in the stage on time, and went off the stage on time. The light affects that David helped us with were on time, and they were at the specific place we needed them. However, I think that we could do even better if we had wore clothes that are not our uniforms. That way, people could focus on our characters and our movements. I believe that if we are not wearing ISNS uniforms, we would look less like ISNS students in our play.

Q:Did you achieve your ARTISTIC INTENTION? Why or why not?

Yes I believe that I did achieve my artistic intension. During the performance, I included all my movement techniques, I came on and off stage on time, and I switched characters with Michael Ling as fast as I could. When I was the ghost, I moved swiftly and free, whilst when I returned to be human, my weight changed, and my speed and flow was different from what it originally was when I was a ghost in the previous scenes.

"The End is Just A New Beginning" - Unknown

The End


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