Reflecting on 30Poems H103

Uma Patel

During April, I learned more about the joy that poems can bring. I learned that writing poetry with some guidance is not about finishing a task, its about putting thought and care into what you write. I also enjoyed others poems, in which you can relate to and point out different techniques they used, and you can also compare your viewpoints to others, in different poems. To others, I would say that poetry isn’t about writing something and being done with it, its about expresses emotion towards a certain subject. I would also encourage others that poetry is also about understanding different language such as techniques and about identifying rhetoric examples of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.


I have always enjoyed writing and I have felt of it as my get away from life. I can write down my emotions and such and I feel like notebooks are your best friends that listen to everything you say. (Write down.) I have learned that I actually love poetry and I think that I will be trying it more often now. i always thought it was difficult and now after 30 days of practice it is so much more easy. I also learned so much about other people and how they see life. I am definitky most proud of my first poem because I was not aware that I was capable of even writing poetry.


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